Harry Potter / Mythology

Harry Potter / Mythology
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The Mythical Creatures of Harry Potter
If you are a Harry Potter fan, no doubt you will be familiar with the mythical creatures included in this fantasy series, which are all brought to life in the books and movies of the amazing British author, J K Rowling. Although the characters and the special effects in the movies are awesome, and the story itself is a writing masterpiece, the mythical creatures such as the centaur, dragon, giant, goblin, gryphon, mermaids and mermen, phoenix, werewolf and unicorn, among others, all contribute in making this series into the astonishing success that it has become....Read More!

The Otherworld
Somewhere ‘out there’ is a world called; the ‘Otherworld’. It is a place where amazing magical beings known as ‘Otherworldly Beings’ dwell. Every culture in the world has its own version of Otherworldly Beings, such as Wish Granters, Fairy Folk and Elementals. The timeless myth and mystery of these magical creatures still continues to bring intrigue and wonder today...Read More!

Water dominates our planet, in the forms of wells, springs, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and mighty oceans. It is therefore easy to understand why there are many folktales and myths about beings that inhabit these water realms........Read More!

Air is in constant presence everywhere on our planet, infusing every living thing and moving constantly around, between, over and through objects. It is an element that is invisible and undetectable to human senses, and almost impossible to capture or control....Read More!

Without the fertile earth our planet would be a barren wasteland. Primitive humans understood the important relationship between themselves and the earth. The earth supports us physically and holds the essential components of air, water and fire that are mainstays of life........Read More!

Of all the elements, fire is the one with more destructive capability than constructive. Fire burns too hot to the touch and consumes everything in its path. It works quickly, hungrily devouring, and very little is able to withstand it. Fire wants nothing more than to survive and spread out, and it does so with a fierce beauty that captivates, as it destroys...........Read More!

Dragons have always been mythical figures, capturing the imaginations of cultures all around the world. Traditionally they combined the powers of all four elements, in their ability to fly (air), breathe fire (fire), swim (water) and live in caves or underground (earth). Western dragons appear in a number of early literary classics for noble heroes to overcome........Read More!

The purest, noblest and one of the most beautiful mythological creatures, the Unicorn has been sought after, hunted and worshiped by humankind since the beginning of time. Unicorns are mystical beings whose natural purity has been known to have spiritual, magical and healing, abilities.........Read More!

A mythical creature of glorious colours and living flame, the Phoenix can live for 1000 years before submitting to its legacy of death and rebirth. ThePhoenix is one of the most ancient mystical creatures, and the most beautiful and amazing of all birds. It has a crimson, gold and purple plumage, resembling the colours of the rising Sun, and its head and beak resembles that of the heron or eagle........Read More!

The Gryphon is a symbol of dual natures; good and evil, tame and wild. Its physical features consisted of the body of a lion, wings and talons of an eagle, and ears of a horse. Gryphons represented the majesty of the bird, and the power of the animal kingdoms.....Read More!

Ancient and modern cultures, from all around the world, possess legends of Giants. These legends portray Giants in many forms; good or evil, intelligent or mentally challenged, monster-like or human-like. However, there is one thing that is common about the Giants in every legend, from every culture; they are always, very, very tall........Read More!

Banshees are among the oldest ancestral spirits of the Fairy world in Irish folklore, and associated with the country as strongly as Leprechauns, shamrocks and potatoes. Also known as Bean-Sidhe, these Banshees were appointed to forewarn members of Irish families of impending death. The Banshee does not cry for just anyone. She is a solitary creature who loves the mortal family she is connected to. Fiercely loyal to her family’s members, and never forgetting her blood ties, she will follow them anywhere in the world........Read More!