Inspiration / Humour

Inspiration / Humour
Please Note: These are only a few samples...

‘The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.’ - Mark Twain
‘If Joan of Arc could turn the tide of an entire war before her eighteenth birthday, you can get out of bed.’ - E. Jean Carroll...Read More!

When I was a small child of eleven years old, before the internet became available, I came across a poem called ‘If’ written by Rudyard Kipling in 1895......Read More!

It is true that our planet possesses some truly amazing and beautiful natural and man made wonders, but recently I was reminded of an email that was sent to me regarding a teachers request to a class to list what they considered to be: The Seven Wonders of The World........Read More!

Why do friendships end? Does it still leave you wondering at times? It may have to do with how you view friendship, as well as your beliefs about life in general. I believe both are equally important to consider........Read More!

A keyboard contains many different keys, or key strokes that a user can use. In general, there are about 80 – 110 keys in a computer keyboard. These keys vary according to the brand of keyboard, but the shape, size and spacing of keys are almost the same for all keyboards, which is referred to as QWERTY.....................Read More!

There is no disputing that men and women are different. Even though you may be in a happy relationship built on friendship and respect, or experiencing the exhilaration of a passionate relationship that has you convinced you were destined to be together, you will eventually become aware (if you haven’t already), that men and women ‘think’ differently........Read More!

Imagination and creativity are replacing tradition in many areas. Not long ago a wedding cake consisted of a single, or two to three tiered, fruit cake, delicately decorated with white icing, flowers, doves, or a bride and groom figurine on top. Now it seems wedding cakes tell a story......Read More!