Crystals / Gemstones

Crystals / Gemstones
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One of the many wonders of nature is embodied in the beauty and magic of crystals. Almost every culture and religion throughout history has used crystals decoratively, symbolically or practically. They are commonly used in jewellery and placed around the home for protection, luck and healing........Read More!

Our bodies contain seven energy centres, known as Chakras, that govern energy flow through our physical and spiritual bodies. These Chakras run in a horizontal line through our bodies, from the top of our heads to the base of our spines........Read More!

The colour white symbolically means purity. White crystals are associated with the fifth element of spirit, which is the divine essence of life, and is considered to be the colour of perfection................Read More!

The colour red is associated with fire, energy, success and courage. It also has strong links with passion and sexual love........Read More!

Green is the colour of nature, and of the pigment chlorophyll which is used to promote photosynthesis. The colour green therefore has special associations with life and growth........Read More!

Yellow is the colour of the Sun. It is a cheerful, uplifting colour and is believed to impart energy and courage to its wearer. It is also often linked with enlightenment, which is why Buddhists and Hindus wear yellow robes........Read More!

Purple is the colour of spiritual development and love, and purple shades connect to the traits of truth and compassion. The Amethyst crystal is also used to represent sincerity in crystal therapy..............Read More!

Governed by Venus, the planet of love, pink is the colour of love and femininity. Pink is a very gentle, subtle colour and over time has come to represent the qualities of fidelity, friendship, unconditional love and romance. Pink crystals assist in relaxation, heightening powers of concentration and promoting positive feelings..........Read More!

Our eyes are more receptive to the colour blue than any other colour. Blue is prominent in our surroundings, in the sky, in the sea, and with so much blue in our lives it is also easy to see why this colour is associated with a sense of space which expands our consciousness........Read More!

Black is associated with both the elements of spirit and the earth, and is connected to Saturn. As all colours absorbed turn into black, it is an ideal colour for soaking up negativity, with protective properties........Read More!

Imagine mistaking the largest uncut diamond in the world for a piece of glass. This is exactly what superintendent Frederick Wells almost did, when inspecting the Premier Mine in South Africa on 25th June 1905. This pear shaped diamond was allegedly, originally 5000 carats, which certainly changed the value of the find, and makes it an interesting thought that something so valuable was posted to the other side of the world in a plain cardboard box........Read More!

They say; ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, but were they taking into account the Hope Diamond, when this statement was first uttered? The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous gemstones in the world, yet its effect on the people surrounding its history has given it the reputation of being cursed. Is it just unfortunate circumstances or should this diamond have never seen the light of day?........Read More!

Imagine the excitement of a pearl diver, diving off the coast of the island of Palawan in the Philippines when he discovered a giant clam. And imagine the amazement on the face of the diver, named Etem, when he opened the clam to discover an enormous pearl that looked like a deformed brain. To the Muslim diver it appeared to resemble a head wearing a turban...................Read More!

As the Black Prince’s Ruby is red in colour, and red is a passionate colour, it probably comes as no surprise that the Black Prince’s Ruby has a history drenched in blood and betrayal. Surviving mortal combat, fires, bomb warfare, and envied by the kings and queens of Spain, England and Scotland, it is amazing that this precious gem remains intact........Read More!

The Star of India is the most famous star sapphire in the world. Greyish blue in colour, and about the size of a golf ball, the Star of India is particularly unique in that it has two stars on both sides. It is described as – flawless. When you consider the high security in place today, it is amazing to think that such a precious gem could be permitted to be stolen, because of the dead battery of a burglar alarm.  .......Read More!