Aussie Lending Rights Programs Reminder

Do you have a book (or more) at the National Library Australia and your State Library, as per the new legislation of making a Legal Deposit, effective from this year (2016)? If you do, the Australian Government - Lending Rights Programs could well benefit you. 

I recently wrote about making a Legal Deposit here:  Aussie Legal Deposit Reminder -


According to the Australian Government – Dept. of Communication and The Arts, Lending Rights Programs, website: http://arts.gov.au/literature/lending_rights

‘If you are a book publisher or creator – author, editor, illustrator, translator, or compiler – you may be eligible for a payment under the PLR (Public Lending Rights) and ELR (Educational Lending Rights) programs.’


The easiest way to make a claim is online via LRO (Lending Rights Online) - https://lendingrights.arts.gov.au/lendingrights/ (posted claim forms are also available by phoning 1800 672 842).

After a claim is made and approved, you will receive a claimant number and password to access LRO, where you will be able to submit new title claims, update your own contact and bank details, and view your payment history (after receiving your first payment).


The closing dates to submit title claims for the 2016 – 2017 lending rights programs, is 31st March 2016. Late claims cannot be accepted.

Title claims for books published between 2010 and 2015 are now being accepted.


The programs are designed to be of benefit to book publishers and creators, now that it is a legal requirement to send a copy of a book to federal and state libraries, where income is lost through lending.

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