The Wedding Cake Story - I Don't, I Do, We Did!


They say a picture can say a thousand words. 
It seems a group of pictures can also tell a story.
Imagination and creativity are replacing tradition in many areas. Not long ago a wedding cake consisted of a single, or two to three tiered, fruit cake, delicately decorated with white icing, flowers, doves, or a bride and groom figurine on top. Now it seems wedding cakes tell a story...

We are still deciding…
I think this is – I Don’t!
Hmm – I’m thinking, another – I Don’t!
I’m pretty sure this is – I Don’t!
He says – I Don’t.  She says – But I Do!
Is it possible we can come to an agreement?
Yes – We Do!
Most definitely – We Do!
And – We Did!
Here’s Proof – We Did!

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Ophiuchus - Love and Understanding


You may well already love and understand an Ohiuchus, but unlike the other twelve signs of the zodiac, you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere near the amount of written material on the sign. Why? The reason is because although astronomers and astrologers have long known about this constellation, it has only recently been included as an astrological sign by astrologers who practice a certain type of Sidereal Astrology.

Mainstream Sidereal Astrology (Hindu astrology) and Tropical astrology (which includes the popular Sun Sign astrology) do not regard Ophiuchus as a sign, as they use the traditional twelve sign zodiac based on dividing the ecliptic into twelve equal parts rather than the constellation boundaries. It would no doubt be a challenge to change twelve equal parts into thirteen, although using a lunar calendar would fit quite nicely.

None-the-less, according to astronomers Ophiuchus is located between Aquila, Serpens and Hercules, northwest of the centre of the Milky Way, and lies between Scorpius to the west, and Sagittarius to the east. Many formerly known Scorpios and Sagittarians are either embracing Ophiuchus as their new star sign, or heavily disputing it’s authenticity as an inclusion as an astrological or zodiacal sign.

Ophiuchus is depicted as a man grasping a serpent. In the 4th century it was documented as being associated with doctors, healers or physicians. The sign for Ophiuchus is that of the Caduceus, a staff topped off by a knob with flanked wings. On the Caduceus staff there are two snakes criss-crossing their way to the top. These symbols are almost always associated with health and wellness and a holistic way of life. Does this sound familiar?

So, it seems that until the masses decide to include Ophiuchus as a star sign, the healers of the world may go unrecognised, even unto themselves. Perhaps they may prefer to remain anonymous rather than become an arch enemy of Scorpio, vying for position among the ranks, or stay out of the way of Sagittarian arrows, but if they do decide to stand up and be accounted for, we may all decide that the time for the world’s healers has arrived.

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Scorpio - Love and Understanding


Motto: I desire
Element: Water (negative, feminine)
Sign: Fixed (concentration, determination, individuality)
Symbol: Scorpion
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Colour: black, red
Gemstone: Citrine

As Scorpios tend to withdraw from the centre of activity, they can sometimes seem quite secretive, and tend to be quite complex. They possess profound and powerful natures, with immense tenacity and will-power, yet they are also deeply sensitive and easily moved by their emotions. The waters run deep for Scorpios in any situation.

A good and loyal friend, a Scorpio will never forget a kindness but they also find it next to impossible to forgive an injury. Ambitious and blunt, straight to the point, a Scorpio will zero in on the essential questions, gleaning the secrets that lie within, however Scorpios themselves are usually intensely private souls and not easy to get to know.

As a water sign, Scorpio is primarily concerned with feelings. As a fixed sign, their feelings will be intense and powerful. The symbol of the scorpion depicts the intense and passionate nature of the Scorpio, which few ever truly understand. A scorpion has been known to sting itself to death, rather than be taken captive.

So how do you show a Scorpio how much you love them? As they are very adept at uncovering secrets, mystery books and movies would most likely make an appropriate gift for a Scorpio, along with sensually romantic gifts which would appeal to their passionate natures.

Suggested Gifts:
Intimate lingerie
Alternative reality games
Action orientated power toys
Detective, fantasy books and movies
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Libra - Love and Understanding


Motto: I balance
Element: Air
Sign: Cardinal (creativity, initiation, action)
Symbol: The Scales
Ruling Planet: Venus
Colour: sapphire blue, pink
Gemstones: Opal, Citrine

If you’re looking for a mediator then you would greatly benefit from a Librans perspective. They are skilled at evaluating matters and look at more than one side of every issue. Libra channels its energy to bring about balance and harmony in any situation, and they will use diplomacy and gentle persuasion to achieve it.

It is important for Librans to have beauty in their surroundings; physically, mentally and emotionally. They loathe cruelty, viciousness and vulgarity, as well as any type of conflict. Librans are intellectual and artistic with a disposition towards romance, with the gift of understanding the emotional needs of others.

As an air sign, Libra is primarily concerned with communication. As a cardinal sign, they will initiate balance, creatively. The symbol of the scales depicts the Libran ability to weigh up situations in order to find truth, justice and balance, and although they prefer quiet compromise, they can also be outspoken if it is needed.

So how do you show a Libran how much you love them? With a desire for peace and harmony, and romantically inclined, Librans will appreciate anything that compliments their home in this manner, and anything in pairs such as book ends or silver photo frames would be especially favourable.

Suggested Gifts:
Harmonious home d├ęcor
Delicate jewellery
Romantic music, movies
Art and artistic books
A set of beautiful candlesticks
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Virgo - Love and Understanding


Motto: I analyse
Element: Earth
Sign: Mutable (adaptable, holistic, resourceful)
Symbol: The Virgin
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Colour: shades of green, dark brown
Gemstones: Sapphire, Opal

Virgos are ever seeking to make improvement. They are industrious, methodical and efficient, with an eye for detail, and a desire to make themselves useful in any way they can. They are highly idealistic and have an irresistible urge to improve everything, disliking imperfection, if even at times only apparent to them.

Usually quite shy, Virgos are rarely interested in taking centre stage, although they are more than happy to generate their time and energy into making those they love, happy and successful. They can be very humble, and although they may come across as being emotionally cool, they are in essence, charming and dignified souls.

As an earth sign, Virgo is primarily concerned with structure. As a mutable sign, they seek balance and adapt to achieve it. The symbol of the lone woman has often been associated in context with the signs name, as that of a virgin, but in astrology the symbolic meaning is actually that of a lone woman representing self-reliance and fertility.

So how do you show a Virgin how much you love them? As Virgos like to be neat and well organised, storage receptacles such as little boxes to store their treasures in would be appreciated. They are also usually very interested in alternative medicine, so anything to do with health and vitality is certain to appeal to them.

Suggested Gifts:
Gift certificates (facial, massage)
Self help books, videos, CD’s
Herb gardening
Essential oils
Practical appliances

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Leo - Love and Understanding


Motto: I will
Element: Fire (positive, masculine)
Sign: Fixed (concentration, determination, individuality)
Symbol: The Lion
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Colour: golden yellow, orange
Gemstones: Peridot, Sapphire

There is nothing complicated about a Leo. In fact they are very – uncomplicated. They know what they want, and they use all their energy, creativity and resolution to get it. They are born leaders and genial hosts, and are at their best when they are in charge, and helping others to enjoy life, as much as them.

Being genuine is something Leos demand from others as well as themselves. They cannot stand teasing and will always fight fairly, although more often then not, tact and diplomacy may be missing from the equation. However, their sunny disposition will always inspire the affection of many friends and admirers.

As a fire sign, Leo is primarily concerned with action. As a fixed sign, they will be dedicated to ensuring their individuality shines. Leos will often exhibit many of the characteristics of their symbol the lion; a sense of pride, powerful leadership ability, and an extrovert nature.           

So how do you show a Leo how much you love them? As Leos love to stand out from the crowd, a gift that would draw attention to them would be most appealing, along with theatrical, artistic and impressive items. Fine wines, food, clothing and jewellery soothe and satisfy their regal natures.

Suggested Gifts:
Gold jewellery
Luxury items
Quality photo frames
Front row theatre tickets

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Cancer - Love and Understanding


Motto: I feel
Element: Water (negative, feminine)
Sign: Cardinal (creativity, initiation, action)
Symbol: The Crab
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Colour: silvery blue, smoky grey
Gemstones: Ruby, Peridot

A Cancer values their home life more than anything. As natural nurturers, they are compassionate and caring, which endears them to their family and friends. They have a soft and sensitive core that makes them very special, and although they will retreat inside their hard shell if they feel threatened in any way, they are devoted and loyal souls.

Instinctive, intuitive and highly emotional, their moods and feelings can change in an instant. They have a very good memory, and can recall things in detail for years afterwards, especially pertaining to their family, childhood, and places they associate with safety and security. Maintaining connection with heritage is important to them.

As a water sign, Cancer is primarily concerned with feelings. As a cardinal sign, they will follow and trust their feelings. The symbol of the crab personifies the soft and sensitive inner core of the Cancerian, and the hard outer shell they will readily retreat into for emotional protection.

So how do you show a Cancerian how much you love them? Anything nurturing and caring for the home, or themselves personally, will be highly appreciated. They feel loved and appreciated with hand made gifts, and romantic activities such as, an impromptu picnic or weekend away being pampered, would also certainly appeal to them.

Suggested Gifts:
Cuddly toys and clothes
Bubble bath, massage
Candlelit dinners
Food hampers
Hand made gifts

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Gemini - Love and Understanding


Motto: I think
Element: Air
Sign: Mutable (adaptable, holistic, resourceful)
Symbol: The Twins
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Colour: all shades of yellow
Gemstones: Pearl, Moonstone, Ruby

It is possible that the saying; ‘Variety is the spice of life’, was named after a Gemini. With very active minds and an interest in everything around them, their enthusiasm about new activities will never wane. They do have a tendency to flit from project to project, like butterflies from flower to flower, but only because there is just so much to investigate and discover.

All the information they absorb needs to be relayed and they love to share it. They’ll charm you with their wit and the breezy way they express themselves, and retain their youthful, child-like curiosity and playfulness throughout life. Another saying; ‘Young at heart’, could well describe Gemini’s in particular, in advancing years.

As an air sign, Gemini is primarily concerned with communication. As a mutable sign, they will adapt in any way to maintain this communication. The symbol of the twins could well depict the ability of Gemini to equally absorb and relay information, although some say it applies to their dual physical and mental stamina.

So how do you show a Gemini how much you love them? With strong learning and communication desires, Geminis will appreciate anything that will allow them to use their intellect and share their discoveries, and they usually enjoy games that consist of quick moving activities.

Suggested Gifts:
Telephones of all types
Travel accessories
Writing equipment
Informative books, videos
Mentally challenging games
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Taurus - Love and Understanding


Motto: I have
Element: Earth
Sign: Fixed (concentration, determination, individuality)
Symbol: The Bull
Ruling Planet: Venus
Colour: pastels, pale blue, pink
Gemstones: Emerald, Pearl, Moonstone

With a strong sense of material values and a need for stability, Taureans work hard to maintain the security of the status quo in life. They are practical and determined with a great strength of will, and although peace lovers, they are firm and unshakable in the face of difficulties, defending themselves ferociously if provoked.

Known for their strong sensual and comfort-loving side, earthly pleasures and the beauty of the natural world are included in their greatest delights. They have an innate sense of harmonizing with nature, and at heart the Taurus needs are simple. The focus is to maintain a safe and predictable routine, and avoid change if at all possible.

As an earth sign, Taurus is primarily concerned with structure. As a fixed sign, they will be determined to maintain that structure. The symbol of the bull describes the Taureans steadfastness and strong connection to the earth. It also explains the strong Taurean desire for material well being, as the bull was considered a money sign in ancient times.

So how do you show a Taurean how much you love them? A Taurus may be fond of material comforts and the finer things in life, but they also appreciate the beauty in the natural world around them. A gift pertaining to nature or pets would usually bring them much pleasure.
Suggested Gifts:
Monetary gifts
Luxury items
Gourmet food
Precious jewellery
Gardening gifts
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Capricorn - Love and Understanding


Motto: I use
Element: Earth
Sign: Cardinal (creativity, initiation, action)
Symbol: The Goat
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Colour: dark green, shades of brown
Gemstones: Garnet, Amethyst

You probably won’t find a Capricorn racing for the limelight at breakneck speed, but don’t let that confuse you about their aspirations and abilities. They thoroughly explore all possibilities before deciding on a safe alternative, but once they make a decision, they are more than capable of persisting for as long as it takes to accomplish a goal.

Capricorns are reliable, hardworking, and work tirelessly with quiet ambition and determination. They are well known for their great organisational skills and amazing patience. They are also the ones who finish projects started by the more pioneering signs of the zodiac. The standards they set for themselves and others are - high.

As an earth sign, Capricorn is primarily concerned with structure. As a cardinal sign, they will work at maintaining that structure. The symbol of the goat typifies the Capricornian approach to life in climbing the ladder (or hill) to success, through consistency and dedication. They have a rational and business like approach to life.

So how do you show a Capricorn how much you love them? Capricorns are status-conscious, and practical, so anything that is memorable or long lasting would be highly appealing to them. They also work hard to achieve the finer things in life, so quality gifts will appease to their sense of self worth.

Suggested Gifts:
Clocks, watches
Desk or electronic organiser
Expensive boxed goods (clothes, perfume)
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Sagittarius - Love and Understanding


Motto: I see
Element: Fire (positive, masculine)
Sign: Mutable (adaptable, holistic, resourceful)
Symbol: The Archer
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Colour: rich purple, dark blue
Gemstones: Turquoise, Garnet

The Sagittarian positive outlook on life is reflected in their energetic and adventurous nature. They enjoy travelling and exploring, and their minds are constantly open to receiving new ideas. They are equipped with foresight and good judgement, and love to initiate new projects, although they prefer to adapt rather than invent.

They are incurable optimists, with big dreams, aspirations and hopes for the future, and are usually pursuing some distant goal. With a great deal of faith and trust in life, failures will soon be forgotten as they always bounce back from disappointments. Their honesty may sometimes surprise, but they are a good humoured, sincere and trustworthy.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is primarily concerned with action. As a mutable sign, they will adapt to any ideas that have been put into action. The symbol of the archer depicts the desire and ability of the Sagittarian to move on to new and exciting possibilities. It also epitomises the sporting, playful nature of the Sagittarian.

So how do you show a Sagittarian how much you love them? As adventure will always be at the forefront of any Sagittarians mind, anything that involves travel or the unknown will certainly be appreciated. Fun activities and humour also appeal to the Sagittarian sense of play.

Suggested Gifts:
Travel tickets, equipment
Travel books, videos,
Exercise equipment
Gym membership
Humourous books, movies

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Aries - Love and Understanding


Motto: I am
Element: Fire (positive, masculine)
Sign: Cardinal (creativity, initiation, action)
Symbol: The Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars
Colour: red
Gemstones: Diamond, Emerald

Aries could possibly be credited with the expression – ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’, but they are far from being fools by any means. They are in fact, the heroes of the zodiac. Full of enthusiasm and at the centre of everything that is going on, any hasty decision they make will be backed up with courage and leadership skills.

Although Ariens are prone to be quick tempered, their boundless energy and positive attitude is an inspiration to others. They genuinely like to help others achieve their dreams, and readily defend the vulnerable. As extroverts, and with a love of adventure, it is hardly surprising that confrontation arise from time to time for an Arien.

As a fire sign, Aries is primarily concerned with action. As a cardinal sign, they will initiate any ideas they have into action. The symbol of the ram depicts the Arien combative and physical nature, and a down to earth, straight forward, uncomplicated, honest approach to life.

So how do you show an Arien how much you love them? Anything with a hint of adventure or that carries a sense of challenge would most likely be a hit, and as Ariens are as enthusiastic and competitive about play as they are about work, sports and games are very appealing.

Suggested Gifts:
Sports equipment
Camping equipment
Competitive games
Technical gadgets
Fine art and skilful creations
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Pisces - Love and Understanding


Motto: I believe
Element: Water (negative, feminine)
Sign: Mutable (adaptable, holistic, resourceful)
Symbol: The Fish
Ruling Planets: Jupiter, Neptune
Colour: sea green, aqua
Gemstones: Aquamarine, Diamond

Pisces is known as one of the most sensitive zodiac signs. They have boundless, deep love and compassion for people, and are easily touched by human suffering. Gentle and patient, they accept people as they are, and will always be supportive. Although they prefer to follow rather than lead, they will stand up for themselves if they need to.

Piscean energy is unworldly, imaginative and mystical. They often withdraw into a dream world that helps them to express their creativity. Their thoughts and lives are like a stream that flows along at its own pace and trying to hold them back is as futile as trying to hold back the tide.

As a water sign, Pisces is primarily concerned with feelings. As a mutable sign, they will ‘go with the flow’, following their instincts and adapting as they go. The symbol of two fish swimming away from each other typifies the duel thought processes of a Pisceans mind, considering both aspects of any situation. Pisceans do not like to make ‘waves’.

So how do you show a Piscean how much you love them? Pisceans will love you for even thinking of them, let alone expressing your love with anything that appeals to their delicate senses, or spiritual natures. Sentimental gifts of any description will always be appreciated and treasured.

Suggested Gifts:
Flowers, perfume
Photographic equipment, frames,
Movies and books
Tickets to the theatre and dance
A visit to an art gallery
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Aquarius - Love and Understanding


Motto: I know
Element: Air (positive, masculine)
Sign: Fixed (concentration, determination, individuality)
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Ruling Planets: Uranus, Saturn
Colours: electric blue, turquoise
Gemstones: Amethyst, Aquamarine

Aquarius is considered one of the friendliest, and yet one of the most difficult zodiac signs to understand; and possibly one of the most challenging in love. They are fiercely independent, love their freedom, and will always need their space to contemplate and devise ways in which to help humanity.

Hearing the beat of a different drummer, they have no interest in following the crowd, yet they will not hesitate to come to the aid of anyone being treated unfairly. They may confuse you with their alternating warm / cool attention, yet once committed they are faithful, supportive and caring partners.

As an air sign, Aquarius is primarily concerned with communication. As a fixed sign, they will pursue an idea with passion. True to the Aquarian trait, their symbol is that which depicts the Water Bearer, and yet confuses many because it is not water that is spilling forth from the urn, but in fact – ideas. Aquarians love to share their ideas.

So how do you show an Aquarian how much you love them? Although very social beings, high on the list would be an ‘understanding’ of their need for time out to ‘think’. Next would perhaps be anything unique, unusual, or any gadget that is in any way interesting or time saving.

Suggested Gifts:
Communication devices
Electronic gadgets
Telescope (astronomy)
Futuristic literature
Puzzles and games
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