Tips for Bedroom Feng Shui


The bedroom of any home is a place of intimacy. It is where you sleep and where you are most vulnerable. A home is predominantly Yin (feminine - quiet), although various rooms can have Yang (masculine - active) qualities. The bedroom however, should hold a Yin atmosphere of femininity and calmness.

In recent years new forms of active Yang energy have been introduced to the bedroom; electrical gadgets that greatly disturb sleep, such as TV’s, laptops, mobile (cell) phones. Although many of these cannot be avoided, try to keep them more than 9 feet from where you sleep, in order to maintain a level of Yin.

You may find the article, How to Balance your Environment using the 9 Sectors of the Bagua helpful in applying the following tips:-

Feng Shui Tips

  • Your instincts may tell you that it’s vital for your comfort to be as far away from the door as possible, especially while your eyes are closed. It is also good Feng Shui to be able to see the door from where you sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping under windows or skylights. If you sleep below a window without adequate support behind you, or over you, your Chi energy is likely to be diffused, leaving you feeling tired when you awake.
  • Round or oval mirrors are best used in the bedroom. However, mirrors tend to exaggerate and energise Chi energy, and so sleep will not be as restful if you are able to see your reflection while you are in bed.
  • The shape and position of your bed is particularly important. A bed needs a solid headboard. In Feng Shui terms this equates to – a mountain, to support you as you sleep. Slats or bars offer little support.
  • The support either side of your bed should be balanced, with matching bedside tables and lamps. These areas are represented by the Tiger (Yin) and Dragon (Yang). Try to avoid any sharp edges pointing at you, known as ‘cutting Chi’ while you sleep.
  • A new mattress (with no previous users) will ensure that you do not absorb any negative energy, especially if It previously belonged to a divorced couple.
  • The area directly under your bed should be completely free of any clutter, to allow Chi energy to circulate underneath you while you sleep. Storing items there can block Chi energy.
  • The most important image is the one you see first thing in the morning, which sets the tone of your day. Uplifting or inspiring images and pictures of loved ones are all beneficial to the bedroom atmosphere. Avoid images which create a negative feeling.
  • Flowers and warm colours such as red, orange, pink, purple or mauve enhance the sensuality and Yin of a bedroom. These colours can be used for rugs, lamp shades, bedspreads, curtains or blinds. However, the most suitable and peaceful colours to use are shades of cream, yellow, light green or navy blue.
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