Simple Feng Shui Problem Cures

Many people dream of designing their home. This is ideal if it is an option, and especially if you have knowledge of Feng Shui principles. However, this is not a choice available for everyone, and Feng Shui problems can arise with previously built and owned properties.

Fortunately, Feng Shui is an adaptable art and it allows everyone to work with what they already have. Without resorting to large scale renovations and huge expenses, you can make your home harmonious and prosperous through using simple Feng Shui ‘cures’.

When dealing with any problematic areas, according to the Bagua (refer to: How to Balance Your Environment Using the 9 Sectors of the Bagua), simple items, such as wind chimes, flutes, fans, lights, candles, water features, crystals, mirrors, flowers (real and artificial) and plants are common, yet powerful and beneficial remedies.

Common Feng Shui Problems

Bathrooms, Toilets and Stairs
The location of bathrooms and toilets can sometimes have a detrimental effect on finances. It is always advisable to keep the lid of the toilet down and the doors closed when not in use, to prevent the loss of money and Chi energy. Stairs, if opposite the front door, allow Chi energy finances to roll back out, so a wind chime placed above the stairwell is always a good fix for these areas.

Overhead Beams
It is believed that overhead beams divide energy in a room and cause occupants to feel oppressed, especially if they are located directly above where they sleep, eat or work. Cures for this include moving furniture away from underneath the beam, painting the beam to blend in with the colour of the ceiling, or building a false ceiling.

Simple Feng Shui Cures

Wind Chimes
A wind chime is a good cure to prevent Chi energy from flowing too quickly in one direction. In a doorway, it prevents Chi energy from flowing out. Hung in a hallway, it will slow Chi energy down, particularly if a front and back door run in a straight line.

Flutes of any kind (including common bamboo), offer protection from burglary and hung above the cash register in business protect profits. Hung above your inside and back door (if they run in a straight line) will block a money leak. Flutes also evoke a magical aura in your home or bedroom to encourage romance.

Fans / Lights / Candles
Any type of fan including electric and paper fans of all sizes, also create a delicate romantic atmosphere. Side wall lights placed behind large fans add a welcome glow to a room. This brings double good Feng Shui as it combines two Feng Shui remedies in the one area. Soft lighting and candles activate beneficial Chi energy from dark corners and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Water Features / Crystals
Water features such as fountains and fish tanks bring a soothing connection to nature and activate areas; especially if placed in the wealth or career areas. Crystals hung in a window can draw in, break up or enhance energy within a room. They are known to bring ‘new opportunities’. A crystal paperweight can attract beneficial Chi energy the same way.

Mirrors / Flowers
Mirrors can be any reflective surface, such as a chrome kettle or a picture frame. They can be used to bring the outside (such as your garden) inside, by placing on the wall opposite the window which opens up to your garden, or to deflect an inauspicious view. Mirrors bring the water element into a space, so they are best placed in the career area.

Plants with rounded leaves are the main requirement to use as a prosperity plant. There are many varieties that can be used, but the Maranta or Red-Veined Prayer Plant is an excellent choice, as it also enjoys the filtered light often found indoors. The Jade plant is another, which does just as well outside.

As these Feng Shui cures bring about a sense of harmony, feeling ‘good’ about any change you make is a very good indicator that the Feng Shui has improved in your home or office.

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