How to Optimize Chi Energy and Balance The Five Elements


Optimize Chi Energy
Chi energy is the life force present throughout the world. Feng Shui is the art of arranging your surroundings to optimize the flow of Chi energy in your surroundings, to encourage a more harmonious and prosperous environment.

To encourage good Chi energy flow, clearing away useless clutter and cleaning are always the first step towards good Feng Shui. This eliminates dead Chi energy which pools around possessions that are broken, useless or no longer used. Additionally, Chi energy emanates from the Sun, so keeping windows clean and bright is beneficial in encouraging new Chi energy to flow in.

The desire for uninterrupted rest and relaxation are just as important today as they were in ancient times. Arranging furniture to ensure protection and security is part of the Feng Shui way of encouraging good Chi energy flow. When we feel safe, we are at ease, and how we arrange our furniture in any given space can either encourage or discourage these feelings.

A few tips in arranging furniture to optimise Chi energy and encourage good Feng Shui:-

  • Position your bed so you have a good view of the door from where you sleep, but avoid placing it so that your feet point to the door
  • Avoid placing a desk so that your back is to the door. You need to be able to see ahead of you and know what is going on behind you
  • From a favourite chair anywhere make sure you can see the door comfortably from where you sit
  • In active spaces such as the hallway, dining / lounge rooms or kitchen, the door should open into the space, to give you a clear view upon entering
  • Bedroom and bathroom doors should not be opened fully upon entering as these are places that Chi energy should enter slowly and quietly

Balance The Five Elements
In addition to creating a balance between Yin and Yang (refer to: How to Create a Yin or Yang Environment), and optimizing Chi energy (above), Feng Shui also focuses on balancing the five essential elements – earth, wood, fire, water and metal, which each support, drain or control Chi energy from each other.

To apply the five elements in a home, first you need to identify the element of the area or room. For example, an area or room that is in the east (wood) could use this element in the form of a plant, to strengthen the area. Another option could be to hang a framed picture of a supporting element (water) in this area to energise the wood in this area.

Each element has its individual Chi quality and associations. Some of these are listed below, along with suggested images that can be placed accordingly, to represent and balance that element in a particular area:-

Chi quality: allows Chi to settle and mature
Directions: centre, south-west, north-east
Emotional Properties: stability, caution
Images: landscapes, mountains
Chi quality: youth, stamina, ideas, activity, growth
Direction: east, south-east
Emotional Properties: ambition, competition
Images: trees, plants, flowers and action orientated
Chi quality: inspiration, activity, strength
Direction: south
Emotional Properties: determination, joy
Images: colourful, passionate, modern
Chi quality: restful, quiet, profound
Direction: north
Emotional Properties: open, flowing
Images: lakes, calm rivers, contemplative
Chi quality: reflective, grounded
Direction: west, north-east
Emotional Properties: cool, detached
Images: finely detailed, shades of grey, silver or white

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