How to Balance Your Environment Using the 9 Sectors of the Bagua


The Bagua is a grid that is used in Feng Shui. It is divided into eight compass sectors with a central ninth sector, each associated with every aspect of life. According to Feng Shui, the environment in which we live can be ‘balanced’ to ensure harmony, health and prosperity.

The Bagua can be used either for your entire property or each individual room. Line up the Bagua, according to the correct compass direction, with your property or room and check each sector. The colours, images and use of a particular space should correspond with the attributes according to the Bagua. The attributes of each sector of the Bagua are associated with the balance of The Five Elements and the flow of Chi energy. In Feng Shui the Bagua is designed with South at the top as it is with the traditional Chinese compass.

Example: If you would like to strengthen an existing relationship with your partner, or encourage a new one to grow, place gifts or mementos from loved ones, or images representing relationships, in the south-west area of your property or area of a room. The colours of yellow, cream, beige, brown or natural wood also promote this areas element of – earth. Keep in mind that any item you ‘feel’ is appropriate to this area is good Feng Shui. If you currently have a waste paper basket in this area (for example) it would be a very good idea to move it away.

South: recognition, fame
Element: fire
Colour: red, purple, sky blue
Suggestions: Keep this area well lit by using quality lighting or candles. Display your trophies, awards, and certificates here, particularly if this is an office.
South - West: marriage, relationships
Element: earth
Colour: yellow, cream, beige, brown, natural wood
Suggestions: A gentle, quiet sector that can be very nurturing. Place images representing relationships, and gifts or mementos from loved ones here.
West: children, projects
Element: metal
Colour: white, silver, gray
Suggestions: This is an ideal area to relax in. It is also a good location for a dining room with a stereo (music), electronic gadgets, computer or bronzes.
North - West: networking, communication
Element: metal
Colour: white, grey, silver, steel, gold
Suggestions: This sector is strongest for clear communication. An ideal position for a telephone, fax machine or to send / receive email (computers / laptop).
North: career, journey
Element: water
Colour: dark blue, black
Suggestions: A perfect place for a water feature, fish tank, images or paintings of river, lakes, oceans and travel photos.
North - East: knowledge, contemplation
Element: earth
Colour: cream, yellow, wood, brown
Suggestions: This area represents stillness, contemplation and knowledge. It is best used as a storage or meditation area, library, or for a desk.
East: family, elders
Element: wood
Colour: dark green
Suggestions: A sector representing vitality and health. Ideal for a kitchen, plants, photographs of family, work or sport.
South - East: prosperity, luck
Element: wood
Colour: light green
Suggestions: Keep this are well lit and ventilated. It is an active sector which prospers well when (fresh) flowers, plants, water, or birds are here.
Centre: physical health
Element: earth
Colour: cream, yellow, beige, brown, wood
Suggestions: As the centre (Tái Chi) allows the other eight sectors to communicate, this area in the very middle area of a room or home should always be a free, uncluttered area.

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