How to Apply the 4 Feng Shui Form Animals to a Garden


The oldest known school of Feng Shui is called Form School or Landscape Feng Shui. It can be applied to any rural, urban or contemporary landscape. It is based on the principles of four Form animals; the phoenix, tortoise, tiger and dragon. Ancient Feng Shui Masters would scout the landscape to find a suitable location for a palace or fortress which would allow the symbolic four Form animals to offer protection and security.

In modern times, it is less possible to choose the type of landscape surrounding your home. However, it is possible to remedy imbalances pertaining to the four Form animals. Fence sizes may not be able to be changed, but they still offer some level of support, and hedges and trees can be planted. It is also possible to relocate items which can be moved easily and keep your garden free of clutter as you would inside your home.

Please Note: The front door of your home does not need to face the south. The Form animal symbolism is still effective with the Phoenix placed at the front door facing any direction.

The Phoenix: (renewal)
The Phoenix moves around the front of a house (traditionally to the south) ever watchful of future dangers, however, it is most effective when there is an unrestricted view. In modern times the Phoenix is represented by a low-lying fence or hedge acting as protection, a body of water (that is not stagnate), or a simple unimpeded view.
The Tortoise: (support)
The Tortoise can be any structure behind a house (traditionally to the north) that is higher than the house. In modern times the Tortoise is represented by a solid fence, strong wall, thick hedge, taller building, upward slope or an actual hill; all symbolising its longevity and stable qualities.
The Tiger: (defence)
The Tiger boundary side along the property, is low lying structure (traditionally to the west) representing the crouching tiger ready to spring and defend. It is symbolised by flower beds, a small hedge or a gentle slope away from the house – all lower than the Dragon boundary side. This is the female (Yin) side of a property and should always be kept neat and tidy (no rubbish).
The Dragon: (protection)
The Dragon boundary side, along the property, is a structure (traditionally to the east) representing the wise and practical dragon. It is symbolised by a building, solid wall, fence, hedge or slope – all higher than the Tiger boundary side. This is the masculine (Yang) side of the property.


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