Feng Shui Tips for a Child's Bedroom


A child will benefit form having a bedroom filled with positive energy. Just like your own bedroom, a child’s bedroom should be a sanctuary and a place that promotes good sleep. By using Feng Shui you can create a peaceful and comfortable environment for your child.

Ideally a child’s bedroom should be located towards the rear of the home, where Chi energy is less active in the home. It is best to create a Yin atmosphere for a child’s bedroom by using; soft furnishings, carpets, lighting, music, mellow colours and plants, to promote feelings of security.

You may find the article, How to Balance your Environment using the 9 Sectors of the Bagua helpful in applying the following tips:-

Feng Shui Tips

  • As a child’s bedroom is often a mixture of two opposing elements, sleep verses play, organisation and storage are important. Ensure a well organised room and appropriate storage areas.
  • A child should be encouraged to develop the habit of putting away toys after play or at bedtime. It helps them to learn how to create a sense of calm in their bedroom, and themselves.
  • Maintaining the tidiness of the room helps a child to know where everything is and feel relaxed and safe.
  • The decoration should be simple so it doesn’t overstimulate, to allow restful sleep. Active energy toys can be brought out at playtime.
  • Try to limit the amount of electrical appliances in the room. Electrical equipment stirs up Chi energy and makes it more difficult to sleep. Hang an amethyst crystal in the room to absorb any negativity.
  • Ideally, place a child’s bed where it is supported on two sides by walls, such as a corner. Choose a cot with solid ends or a bed with a headboard, which in Feng Shui equates to, ‘support’. Slats do not offer much support.
  • Avoid placing the bed under a beam or shelves as this diffuses Chi energy, diminishing the quality of sleep.
  • The area underneath the bed should be free from clutter to prevent Chi energy from becoming blocked, and affecting sleep.
  • Avoid sharp edges on furniture. Everything should have clean lines and rounded corners, if possible. This is not only practically safe, but eliminates ‘cutting Chi’ energy in the room.
  • From where the bed is located in the room there should be a clear view to the door, so that a child is not startled when someone enters.
  • For older children, a bedside lamp will encourage reading. At any age, a family photograph visible from the bed will foster feelings of belonging.

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