Feng Shui Lucky Objects


Lucky objects in Feng Shui are symbols of good fortune, but not only in monetary terms. In Feng Shui, lucky objects are used to attract positive Chi energy and deflect negative Chi energy, to bring harmony to any space.

According to Feng Shui, when harmony prevails, all aspects of good fortune manifests: health, wealth and happiness. Lucky objects are beneficial to have, but knowing where and how to place them is even more beneficial.

There are many lucky objects that can be used to attract positive Chi energy and deflect negative Chi energy. Following are examples of some well known lucky objects used in Feng Shui and where and how to place them for most benefit.

The dragon is regarded as the most auspicious symbol of good fortune. It signifies the power of authority. Place it so that it does not look like it is heading towards a door or window.
The phoenix is a symbol of renewal. It brings opportunities, fame and recognition. Place it so that it is not flying towards a door.
A turtle symbolizes longevity and constancy but as they are slow moving creatures they are not considered suitable for a work environment.
A tiger represents bravery and strength. It is best placed in a den or an office. It should not look like it is ready to pounce or have its mouth open.
The horse symbolizes power and movement. It is often used by people who would like to travel. It should not look like it is heading for a door or window.
Elephants should always have their trunks turned upward, as if trumpeting, to herald good news. They can be placed in the entrance hall, but not directly facing the door.
The frog (actually a three-legged toad) holds a coin in its mouth and has strings of coins around its feet. It should be placed facing the door to catch the money of passers-by or near a cash register.
This is a symbol of prosperity and joy. He is usually prominently placed in the living room, dining room or family hall.
An aquarium is considered lucky and can bring prosperity into the house. Place your aquarium in areas of your house or room that require activity. Fish can also absorb negative Chi, particularly the Blackmoor variety, which is very sensitive.

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