Dreams of Body Parts


It’s quite common to dream about yourself in a dream. It is therefore understandable that you will also dream more specifically about your particular body parts. 

Body parts all have different representations in dreams. Your body is your physical identity in the conscious world, and your sense of self worth and self esteem in your dream world. In some cases however, dreaming of a certain body part may indicate that there is a health concern in that particular area. This can occur when there is a physical health concern already apparent, or when you are anxious or concerned about your health in other non-apparent ways.

Ankle – Indicates seeking support and direction in life. To sprain your ankle suggest you may be experiencing some obstacles of difficulties in asking for assistance.

Arm – The right arm symbolises masculine energy and action. The left arm symbolises feminine energy and nurturing. An injured right arm signifies feelings of inability to take action, and a left, in caring for yourself and others.

Back – Represents your attitudes, strengths and weaknesses. It may also refer to pressure that you feel is being put on you. The phrase ‘watch your back’ should be considered, especially if you see someone turn their back on you.

Blood – Women often dream of blood shortly before or during their periods, and when they are pregnant. However, it can also signify, exhaustion or that you feel emotionally, drained.

Breasts – Symbolise primal nourishment and a need to be nursed or cared for. Breasts represent motherhood, nurturance and infantile dependency, and also sexual arousal.

Ears – Represent a need to listen more closely to advice from others. There may be something you are refusing to hear, or ‘turning a deaf ear’ to. You may also feel you or someone else is being too stubborn.

Eyes – The right eye represents the Sun and the left eye represents the Moon. The eyes are symbolic of ‘insight’ and ‘enlightenment’, and often refer to trusting your intuition, or what you ‘see’.

FaceRefers to the persona you present to the world. A flawed face symbolises erupting emotions. To see yourself cleaning your face suggests you may be considering coming ‘clean’ about something.

FeetSymbolises your foundation and stability. It can suggest being more practical or sensible; ‘keeping both feet on the ground’. It may also be suggesting you have ‘put your foot in your mouth’, by saying something you wish you hadn’t.

FingersRepresent dexterity, manipulation and non-verbal communication. If your fingers are injured or fall off, it indicates you may feel you may literally be losing your ‘grip on life’.

HandRefers to your communication with those around you. You may need to give ‘a helping hand’. To dream that your hands are itchy refers to money. If the left hand is itchy it signifies money being received; the right, money being given.

HeadSignifies intellect, rationality, self image, accomplishments and your perception of the world. It may also refer to feeling that you need to ‘get ahead’ in the world. You may also be considering that ‘two heads are better than one’.
HeartDenotes truth and courage. It represents how you deal with your feelings and express your emotions. You may need to get to ‘the heart of the matter’ of a situation before proceeding.

KneeSymbolises the level of support you may be receiving. A focus on knees often indicates feelings of inadequacy and issues of power and control. To be kneeling indicates looking to others for support.

LegsRefer to progress and the ability to navigate through life. If you are walking steadfastly it indicates confidence. If they are weak it indicates you may be feeling emotionally vulnerable and uncertain.

LipsRepresent sensuality, sex, love and romance, especially if they are pursed. They are also seen as a means of communication as in the familiar phrase ‘read my lips’.

MouthSignifies the need to express yourself or talk about an issue which is bothering you. Alternatively the dream suggests you may have said too much and need to keep quiet.

NoseSymbolises wisdom and the need to know more about something. It may also refer to being ‘nosey’. You may feel you, or someone else, is interfering in something which they shouldn’t be.

StomachRepresents new changes in your life and how you cope with them. The stomach symbolises the centre of emotions and refers to how you process your emotions; how you are able to ‘stomach’ them.

TeethRefers to health and business. To dream of loose teeth can signify concerns about bad news in health or business. To see yourself brushing your teeth denotes struggles in maintaining health or financial matter.

ToesSymbolise the way you move and walk through life, either with grace and poise, or with the lack of. It also signifies your path in life, although they represent the minor details and how you deal with them.

TongueRepresents the things you say and express, and indicates you may have said too much or perhaps need to express yourself more. A sore tongue suggests you are speaking negatively about someone or something.

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