Dream Numbers

Numbers play a huge part in daily life, so it is little wonder they occasionally make an appearance in dreams. The meaning of numbers in dreams can be straightforward and literal, or cryptic and symbolic. The ancient study of numbers and their meaning in astrology and numerology are often used in interpreting the significance of numbers that appear in dreams.

Counting money is often symbolic of an increase in financial affairs. Counting the number of people, animals or plants may suggest you are feeling overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities. Reading or writing numerals implies controlled application of resources, but if you fail to read or calculate the figures correctly, then financial losses are implied. Erasing numbers represents a lack of communication.

Numbers may present themselves in a way familiar to our conscious minds in dreams, but they may also appear to be in a certain type of code. Certain dates or values may hold significance to us either from the past or for the future, although in our dreams they may be presented in an unusual way. A number may not only be depicted as a written numeral, but also be relayed to us via repetition of action.

Zero to Five
0 – The circle of life, completeness, going around in circles.
1 – Individuality, autonomy, leadership, solitude, loneliness.
2 – Balance, partnership, marriage, male & female, yin & yang.
3 – A trinity, mind-body-spirit, past-present-future, third time lucky or unlucky.
4 – Stability, materialistic, earth-wind-fire-water, physical limitations.
5 – Action, change, the human body and the five senses, sensitivity.

Six to Ten
6 – Cooperation, tranquillity, perfection, family, harmony, love.
7 – Healing, uniqueness, spiritual attainment, the seven deadly sins.
8 – Power, authority, success, wealth, karma, instincts, intuition.
9 – Closure, rebirth, inspiration, reform, production, longevity.
10 – Completion, wholeness, the law, the Ten Commandments.

Double Digits
11 – Mastery, spirituality, enlightenment, creativity, vision.
13 – death-birth, ending-beginning, transition, change, overcoming obstacles.
16 – Innocence, naivety, vulnerability, tenderness, spiritual cleansing.
18 – Conflict between spirituality & materialism, gateway to adulthood.
21 – Turning point, responsibilities, full transition into adulthood.
50 – Holy, joy, celebration, sharing fifty-fifty.
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