Dream Moods


In dream interpretation, it is important to focus on the details, and take into account the factors and influences of the dream. However, the mood of a dream is a message in itself.

One of the most important parts of dream interpretation is the overall mood or atmosphere of a dream. While the details of dream are the individual clues to the messages from the subconscious, being aware of the overall mood or atmosphere of the dream is vital in assessing how it all fits together.

The mood or atmosphere of a dream is a connected to the emotional state of the dreamer in real life. For example, a dream set under a bright sunny sky evokes a positive feeling, and may foretell of ‘sunnier’ days ahead. However, a dark, cloudy sky portrays an atmosphere of impending doom, and suggests that the dreamer may be feeling heavy of heart.

The colours or shades of light and dark in the atmosphere of a dream can be representative of the overall experience that it currently occurring, or about to be experienced. As a general rule; bright, light colours denote a positive mood before drifting off to sleep, and dark, melancholic tones indicate negativity and a mind weighed down with worries.

Dream Moods - Meanings

Dream situations which involve fear are often reflections of a dangerous or overwhelming situation that is brewing. Anxieties that are being experienced in real life are making their way into the dream. If a threatening feeling is remembered upon waking, it is a sign that there is something in real life that is causing the anxiety or fear. The details in the dream should be taken into account for clarification.

Blurred or hidden details in a dream often represent confused feelings. Confused emotions in real life often make their way into dreams which hide the truth from view, such as travelling through a dense fog in search of answers. Although the answer may not become evident in the dream, the atmosphere can also contain an element of positive expectation. The dreamer may be aware that the subconscious knows that an answer exists and can be found.

Dreams that have a floating feeling often suggest a light, stress-free and peaceful type of mood. These types of dreams usually generate an aura of achievement and comfort. Often they occur after some breakthrough or accomplishment after a long period of activity in real life. A dream such as this can often follow after a very busy and hectic period of activity, during which a dream of turmoil, such as a storm, had surfaced. The subconscious is indicating that the storm has passed.

Celebratory dreams are filled with an atmosphere of joy and pleasure. They are usually filled with a heightened awareness and vivid sharpness, indicating a time of personal growth. As the overall mood of the dream conveys happiness, it could be compared to a ‘pat on the back’. The dream is acknowledging that the subconscious recognises a time of celebration has arrived or will soon appear in real life.

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