Dream Landscapes


The setting of a dream, or the dream landscape, is used by the subconscious to bring awareness of your real life environment. The dream landscape can indicate the familiar real world, or suggest a totally new or unusual environment to navigate. 

Dream landscapes can open your eyes to hidden potentials. Dreaming of being in outer space could indicate open possibilities, suggesting you look at the bigger picture; whereas dreaming of an enclosed space, could imply that a situation needs closer scrutiny.

Landscape dreams that you are familiar with tend to be more common. This is because you have a familiar association and understanding of them. Changing landscape dreams can suggest a need to be more flexible and aware of different things in your life.

Dream Landscapes – Meanings

Urban landscapes
A familiar urban environment suggests you are exploring ways of advancing or improving in life. Finding yourself in an unfamiliar urban environment suggests changes of location and new possibilities. To be inside a tall building indicates it is time to reach for your goals. Viewing the tall building from the outside indicates the need to assess a situation.

Country landscapes
Luscious green, rolling fields signifies great prosperity and happiness in your personal and business life. Fresh dew or soft rain on rolling hills indicates sensual pleasures. Dry, uninhibited areas symbolise a reversal of good fortune, although a newly ploughed field indicates that ambitions are within reach if you are prepared to work hard.

Coastal landscapes
A busy coastal seaside resort suggests romantic opportunities tied with financial improvements. Walking alone along a rugged coastline can indicate challenging relationships. Sand dunes signify obstacles pertaining to schemes or proposals from people with wrong intentions. Lying on a beach is a good omen suggesting rest and relaxation.

Desert landscapes
A long difficult journey may be ahead, if an arid desert is a dream landscape. However, it does hold a promise of success if perseverance and stamina are maintained. A sandy desert denotes contentment and good news, although a sandstorm may temporarily blind you. A dream set in a sandy scrub land suggests good tidings although infrequent and scattered.

Mountain landscapes
Mountain peaks suggest major obstacles to be overcome, while ravines and gorges are emotional chasms into which you could fall. Being in a valley signifies emotional conflicts, but only of a temporary nature. A snowy mountain scene implies hardships. An erupting volcano indicates an old situation may explode, and cause details to erupt.

Tropical landscapes
Getting caught in undergrowth in a tropical environment advises against a romantic entanglement. To be stranded on a tropical island suggests that there are obstacles ahead, although visiting a tropical island implies new, exciting liaisons and experiences. To be in a wild forest indicates that someone you trust could let you down.

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