Feng Shui Number Symbolism


The numbers 1 to 9 play a significant role in authentic Chinese Feng Shui. Although number symbolism is popular world wide, it is common to see combinations of numbers on car licence plates, in phone numbers and street addresses, chosen by Feng Shui consultants or Chinese astrologers for their clients.

In the west it is often thought that the number 4 is regarded by the Chinese as unlucky. However, this is only due to fact that it is pronounced ‘shi’ in Chinese, which is close to the Chinese word for ‘death’. This is merely a superstition of the Chinese, and not in any way connected to authentic Chinese numerology.

Chinese Number Meanings

Number: 1
Represents: travel, travel agencies, chemicals, alcohol, bars, money, vitality
Element: water
Symbol: water
Season: winter
Colours: navy, blue / black

Number: 2
Represents: relationships, mother, reliability, nurturing, helpfulness, competition
Element: earth
Symbol: earth
Season: late winter
Colours: cream, yellow, brown

Number: 3
Represents: youth, spring, initiation, action, activity, speed, creativity, growth
Element: wood
Symbol: thunder
Season: early spring
Colour: green

Number: 4
Represents: rapid growth, growth peak, fulfilment, flexibility, stamina, achievement, impulsiveness
Element: wood
Symbol: wind
Season: late spring
Colour: green

Number: 5
Represents: the centre, control, rebirth, regeneration, strength, resilience, power, harmony
Element: earth
Symbol: the Tai Chi
Season: late summer
Colours: yellow, brown, cream

Number: 6
Represents: father, dignity, authority, clarity, dominion, focus, detail, morality, completion
Element: metal
Symbol: heaven
Season: early autumn
Colours: white, silver

Number: 7
Represents: money, reflection, relaxation, recreation, success, children, abundance, prosperity, entertainment
Element: metal
Symbol: lake
Season: late autumn
Colours: white, silver, grey, gold

Number: 8
Represents: study, stability, knowledge, spirituality, insight, stillness, dependability, steadfastness, resilience
Element: earth
Symbol: mountain
Season: late autumn / early winter
Colours: yellow, cream, brown

Number: 9
Represents: fame, recognition, insight, passion, exposure, brilliance, sunshine, heat, enlightenment
Element: fire
Symbol: fire
Season: summer
Colours: red, purple, pink and light blue


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