Feng Shui Can Benefit Anyone


One of the main principles of Feng Shui is emphasised by the importance of the way you ‘feel’ in your home. Your home is the ‘mirror’ of your life, and by asking yourself some key questions you can determine if there is a need to improve Feng Shui in your home. Do you feel relaxed or uneasy in your surroundings? Do you feel your health, happiness and finances could be improved?

Not everyone has the opportunity to build a Feng Shui friendly home, or even own their own home and make building alterations, which is sometimes suggested by Feng Shui consultants. This is why Feng Shui is so popular with so many people; the principles can be used to benefit anyone, in any type of environment, and Feng Shui ‘cures’ do not need to be costly.

Whether you rent a studio, home or live in a flat above a shop, you can utilise Feng Shui to influence your living area to its full potential. You can create a more positive environment by looking at your aspirations and goals and using the Bagua (refer to: How to Balance your Environment using the 9 Sectors of the Bagua), to ascertain areas within your home that could use improvement.

Through the simple acts of moving furniture and adding items in the appropriate areas, according to the Bagua, Feng Shui principles can be applied to any space, and anyone can use them:-

Furniture Positioning

It is worth remembering that ‘less is better’ when positioning furniture in your home. It is essential that Chi energy (refer to: How to Optimize Chi Energy and Balance The Five Elements), flows positively around to create harmony and balance. Focus on creating spaciousness, to avoid overwhelming a room.

Large rooms require large furniture, but try to avoid anything in the very centre of a room, as this is the Tai Chi area, which communicates with all the other sectors according to the Bagua. Overcrowding this area can block Chi energy. Ensure all doorways are kept free from obstructions.

Colours and Materials

When used in connection with the Bagua, colour is very powerful in completely changing the atmosphere of your home. Repainting the walls is always an option, either completely, or by adding a feature wall, or a few bands of colour. However, repainting is not necessary.

With the clever use of accessories, such as rugs, cushions and throws of different textures and colours, according to the Bagua, the Feng Shui of a room can be changed instantly. Indoor plants are also very popular to use in creating a
Yin environment (refer to: How to Create a Yin or Yang Environment).


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