Myths and Legends of the Otherworld


Every culture in the world has its own version of myths and legends. These myth and legends include those ‘Otherworldly Beings’, or Creatures, which come from the 'Otherworld'. Intriguing, fascinating and often frightening, these Beings or Creatures also feature in the phenomenal book and movie series, Harry Potter.

The Otherworld is a place that exists alongside ours. It is a place that our history pages reveal has been visited by mortals who have accidentally stumbled upon it, or through the thin veil that separates the two. Many returned with amazing stories of the Otherworld and otherworldly beings or creatures, which over time evolved into the myths and legends as we know them, today.

Long before J K Rowling researched myths and legends and Otherworldly Beings or creatures for the Harry Potter series, the famous 16th century Swiss physician, alchemist and mystic, Paracelsus, defined them as, Nature Spirits, or Elementals. He classified them according to the element of nature they inhibited.
  • The earth elementals above the ground were treated with the utmost respect, and attributed with power, abundance and benevolence. In contrast, those of the earth element below the ground were feared by many cultures
  • The air elementals were elusive, awe inspiring and dominated the earth below them. As an element that is invisible and undetectable to human senses, it was almost impossible to capture or control them
  • The fire elementals often shared the characteristics of beauty and danger. Fire elementals were among the most terrifying and inspired the most awe in those that encountered them
  • The water elementals were often depicted as being partially or completely hum
    an. They were often blamed for drownings, however they also taught humans to be careful around water and respect the dark depths
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