Reflections of Life - Simple and Meaningful Quotes


* Life*

*The glass is always half full*
*Life isn’t fair - but it’s still good*
*Everything in life happens for a reason*
*We are all responsible for our own happiness*
*There will always be someone worse off than you*
*Whatever doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger*
*What other people think about you - really doesn’t matter*
*Focus on the positives and that which brings you happiness*
*When there is complete silence – you hear so much more*
*When nothing ever changes - nothing ever changes*
*The first thing to do in a crisis is to - breathe…*
*The most important things in life are to:-*
*  ♥ ♥ Love  ♥ ♥ and  be Loved  ♥ ♥*


*Life is good*

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