Natural Good Health - Spiritual Healing Methods


Spiritual healing methods to obtain natural good health are all linked by a common faith in universal life energy, and an understanding that the power of belief will help you heal.

There are many different kinds of spiritual healing, from the laying on of hands to colour visualisations, but the one thing they all share in common is the belief that some illnesses can be cured without the need for conventional medicine.

The Power of the Mind
The power of the mind to heal the body is often underestimated in Western medicine, but it can be the most important aspect of many spiritual healing practices. The desire to get better plays a major role in how quickly someone recovers from an injury or illness. In spiritual healing practices, understanding how a therapy works is not as important as believing in its ability to heal. Faith is the key, whether it is in the Christian God, nature magic or a healers hands, to allow these therapies to work.

Chi Energy
Christians pray to God for help for healing, while Chinese mystics point to an invisible energy, called Chi that needs to be rebalanced. Both Christians and Chinese mystics acknowledge that there are invisible energies in the world, in whatever form they may take. Chi is considered to be a flow of energy that runs through the body, both nourishing and healing it. Health can be affected by a blockage in the flow of Chi, so many healing practices, such as Colour therapy, Crystal healing, Reflexology, Reiki, Tai Chi, and Yoga focus on restoring balance to the energy flow.

The Chakras - Energy Centres of the Body
The Chakras are energy centres in a persons body that are all connected by energy channels called, Nadis, similar to veins but instead of circulating blood, the Nadis govern the circulation of energy instead. There are many Chakras in a person’s body but the major ones are the seven that run from the base of the spine, up to the top of the head. For both exercise and alternative healing, knowledge of the Chakras is very beneficial.

Crown Chakra: Controls the higher functions of intelligence
Third Eye: Governs psychic abilities and awareness
Throat Chakra: Controls how we express ourselves verbally and non-verbally
Heart Chakra: Controls self love and our love for others
Stomach Chakra: Controls personality and emotions
Sacral Chakra: Governs sensuality and sexuality
Base Chakra: Controls mental and physical strength

Maintain or Regain Natural Good Health
Life is shaped by experiences both good and bad, and at all stages of life there are challenges and events that can have an effect on a persons Chakras. By learning about your Chakras and how you can prevent them from closing as well as rebalancing them, through natural healing practices, can assist in maintaining or regaining, natural good health. 

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