Natural Good Health - Chakra Ailments and Antidotes Part Four


The Base (Root) Chakra supports all the Chakras and is the resting place of sexual energy within every person.

From birth, all Chakras tend to be naturally open and receive input from the environment. Unfortunately experiences in life can cause Chakras to partially, or even fully, ‘close’. With imbalance of the Chakras, it is also possible for some Chakras to be overstimulated, and too ‘open’. Rebalancing all the Chakras individually assists in returning to a nature state of good health.

Base (Root) Chakra
Illnesses linked to the Base (Root) Chakra include anorexia, constant illness through exhaustion, low blood pressure, arthritis, constipation, haemorrhoids and obesity. The Base (Root) Chakra is about balancing to avoid the effects of both inertia and exhaustion.

A balanced Base (Root) Chakra will bring you a more grounded sense of self.

Exercise: Stand straight, arms loose at your side and feet shoulder-width apart. Imagine a straight line connects the top of your head to an area in between your feet. Breathe in, rise up to your toes, while bringing your arms up slowly to form a cross, keeping your body straight and bottom tucked in. Breathe out, lowering your heels as you do so, and bringing your arms back down to your sides. Repeat 4 times
Crystal meditation: Using marjoram essential oil in your oil burner for its calming effects, stand comfortably holding a piece of rose quartz to your Base (Root) Chakra, at the back and base of your spine. Meditate and visualise yourself surrounded by a cool pink glow.
Colour: Avoid wearing ‘hot’ colours such as reds, oranges and yellows, when your Base (Root) Chakra is over stimulated. Concentrate on wearing clothes, jewellery and surrounding yourself with ‘cool’ colours such as blue, light green and white
Meditation: Use patchouli, cedarwood or sandalwood in your oil burner while meditating, sitting in the half-lotus position. Feel your connection with the Earth beneath you as you draw up its energy though your feet to your Base (Root) Chakra

Please Note: You should seek professional help if any illness or symptom does not improve with natural healing.

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