Natural Good Health - Chakra Ailments and Antidotes Part Three


The Stomach (Solar Plexus) Chakra assists with balancing your emotions and will power. The Sacral (Navel) Chakra helps you express yourself fully, artistically, sexually and socially.

From birth, all Chakras tend to be naturally open and receive input from the environment. Unfortunately experiences in life can cause Chakras to partially, or even fully, ‘close’. With imbalance of the Chakras, it is also possible for some Chakras to be overstimulated, and too ‘open’. Rebalancing all the Chakras individually assists in returning to a nature state of good health.

Stomach (Solar Plexus) Chakra
Illnesses linked to the Stomach (Solar Plexus) Chakra include diabetes, hypoglycemia, ulcers, gallstones and mental and nervous exhaustion. The Stomach (Solar Plexus) Chakra is about connecting to your environment and the process of food digestion.

A balanced Stomach (Solar Plexus) Chakra will assist your overall mood.

Exercise: To stimulate a sluggish Stomach (Solar Plexus) Chakra, sit with your back straight. Take a deep breath and relax the muscles in your abdomen, and then quickly pull in the muscles in your abdomen several times repeatedly, causing sharp exhalations of breath
Aromatherapy: To relax an over-active Stomach (Solar Plexus) Chakra, relax in a bath with essential oils such as chamomile or lemongrass
Mantra: Repeat a calming Mantra in your mind, such as, ‘calm, balanced, focused’, whenever you find yourself getting annoyed or stressed
Meditation: Stand comfortably and visualise a golden glow emanating from your Stomach (Solar Plexus) Chakra, and spreading through your aura with golden light. As you walk slowly around the room, repeat, ‘I will be balanced’

Sacral (Navel) Chakra
Illnesses linked to the Sacral (Navel) Chakra include impotence, bladder and uterine disorders, frigidity and sexual dysfunction. The Sacral (Navel) Chakra is about your nurturing side and the way you interact with people.

A balanced Sacral (Navel) Chakra will help you express yourself socially and creatively.

Exercise: Stand up straight with your knees slightly bent and your pelvis dropped forward. Keeping your knees bent and flexible, rotate your pelvis in gradually decreasing clockwise circles, slowly increasing the circle rotation size. Repeat, in the opposite direction
Crystals: Anoint pulse points with frankincense oil. Sit cross-legged, breathe deeply and hold a piece of aquamarine or rutile quartz just below your navel. Close your eyes, relax and recite, ‘Through balance I am open to change, and create the future I desire’
Aromatherapy: Anoint yourself with a few drops of chamomile, lavender or ylang ylang essential oil just below your navel. Lie down, and relax, breathing deeply while inhaling to the count of four, and exhaling to the count of eight
Meditation: Lie down with your arms extended and your knees bent so that your feet are pulled up to your body, with the soles touching. This position stimulates your Sacral Chakra

Please Note: You should seek professional help if any illness or symptom does not improve with natural healing.

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