Natural Good Health - Chakra Ailments and Antidotes Part Two


The Throat Chakra assists self expression by helping you to find and use your own voice. The Heart Chakra brings balance to the Chakras by acting as the meeting point of the Upper and Lower Chakra energy centres.

From birth, all Chakras tend to be naturally open and receive input from the environment. Unfortunately experiences in life can cause Chakras to partially, or even fully, ‘close’. With imbalance of the Chakras, it is also possible for some Chakras to be overstimulated, and too ‘open’. Rebalancing all the Chakras individually assists in returning to a nature state of good health.

Throat Chakra
Illnesses linked to the Throat Chakra include ear, throat and thyroid conditions. The Throat Chakra is about expression; finding and using your words. If you do not express yourself you find yourself disempowered by your own ‘lack of voice’.

A balanced Throat Chakra will improve your confidence and creativity.

Daily Affirmations: Try using mantras such as – ‘I will speak up for myself. What I have to say is worth hearing. I will take responsibility for my needs and listen to the needs of others.’ Repeat several times every day
Massage: Gently massage the neck area to help release stored tension to calm the Throat Chakra
Yoga: Yoga postures such as the Cobra, the Shoulderstand, the Plough, the Headstand, the Camel and the Fish, are all good for stimulating and opening a blocked Throat Chakra
Crystal meditation: Meditate holding a crystal such as aquamarine or moonstone, or wear either of these as a necklace

Heart Chakra
Illnesses linked to the Heart include heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia, and difficulty in breathing. The heart is the centre of love and being, the source of harmony that balances the Upper three Chakras, and the Lower three Chakras. Its focus is on balance, self love and love for others.

A balanced Heart Chakra brings balance to all the other Chakras, and connects directly with the minor Chakras in the hands.

Exercise: Stand comfortably with your hands held out in front of you at shoulder height with your elbows straight. Turn one palm downwards and the other upwards, then quickly open and close both hands into fists several times until your hands tire
Mantra: Repeating the mantra associated with the Heart Chakra (‘Sa’) while meditating is a good way to stimulate the Heart Chakra
Aromatherapy: A good way to calm the Heart Chakra is to indulge in a hot bath, adding essential oils such as chamomile, lavender or rosemary.
Breathing: Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Be aware of your breathing, and with each inhalation, see yourself inhaling pure white light. Feel it filling your body and energising you.

Please Note: You should seek professional help if any illness or symptom does not improve with natural healing.

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