Harry Potter's Magical Creatures ~ Myths & Legends


If you are a Harry Potter fan, you’ve probably already devoured your hard or soft cover copies of all that’s on the menu from the series, especially since the last is to be released in July this year. But if you still haven’t had your fill, there’s now a new delicacy available to appease your appetite : – Harry Potter’s Magical Creatures ~ Myths and Legends, ebook (Kindle).

The author of the Harry Potter series, J K Rowling will not permit the Harry Potter series in ebook form, but this hasn’t stopped Harry Potter fans from savouring other Harry Potter delights in the lead up to the culmination of the Harry Potter phenomena. It seems while there is Harry Potter nourishment needed, it will be delivered to the dinner table.

The magical creatures included in the Harry Potter books and movie series could quite easily have been conjured up in the mind of the author J K Rowling, through their direct appropriateness to the wizardry theme of the series; however, many of these creatures actually have their roots in folklore and early Greek mythology and legend.

Did these creatures actually roam the earth as magical beings in earlier times, or were they none-the-less amazing creatures, created by elaboration into the extraordinary, through the passage of time?

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