Pisces - Love and Understanding


Motto: I believe
Element: Water (negative, feminine)
Sign: Mutable (adaptable, holistic, resourceful)
Symbol: The Fish
Ruling Planets: Jupiter, Neptune
Colour: sea green, aqua
Gemstones: Aquamarine, Diamond

Pisces is known as one of the most sensitive zodiac signs. They have boundless, deep love and compassion for people, and are easily touched by human suffering. Gentle and patient, they accept people as they are, and will always be supportive. Although they prefer to follow rather than lead, they will stand up for themselves if they need to.

Piscean energy is unworldly, imaginative and mystical. They often withdraw into a dream world that helps them to express their creativity. Their thoughts and lives are like a stream that flows along at its own pace and trying to hold them back is as futile as trying to hold back the tide.

As a water sign, Pisces is primarily concerned with feelings. As a mutable sign, they will ‘go with the flow’, following their instincts and adapting as they go. The symbol of two fish swimming away from each other typifies the duel thought processes of a Pisceans mind, considering both aspects of any situation. Pisceans do not like to make ‘waves’.

So how do you show a Piscean how much you love them? Pisceans will love you for even thinking of them, let alone expressing your love with anything that appeals to their delicate senses, or spiritual natures. Sentimental gifts of any description will always be appreciated and treasured.

Suggested Gifts:
Flowers, perfume
Photographic equipment, frames,
Movies and books
Tickets to the theatre and dance
A visit to an art gallery
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