Leo - Love and Understanding


Motto: I will
Element: Fire (positive, masculine)
Sign: Fixed (concentration, determination, individuality)
Symbol: The Lion
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Colour: golden yellow, orange
Gemstones: Peridot, Sapphire

There is nothing complicated about a Leo. In fact they are very – uncomplicated. They know what they want, and they use all their energy, creativity and resolution to get it. They are born leaders and genial hosts, and are at their best when they are in charge, and helping others to enjoy life, as much as them.

Being genuine is something Leos demand from others as well as themselves. They cannot stand teasing and will always fight fairly, although more often then not, tact and diplomacy may be missing from the equation. However, their sunny disposition will always inspire the affection of many friends and admirers.

As a fire sign, Leo is primarily concerned with action. As a fixed sign, they will be dedicated to ensuring their individuality shines. Leos will often exhibit many of the characteristics of their symbol the lion; a sense of pride, powerful leadership ability, and an extrovert nature.           

So how do you show a Leo how much you love them? As Leos love to stand out from the crowd, a gift that would draw attention to them would be most appealing, along with theatrical, artistic and impressive items. Fine wines, food, clothing and jewellery soothe and satisfy their regal natures.

Suggested Gifts:
Gold jewellery
Luxury items
Quality photo frames
Front row theatre tickets

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