Capricorn - Love and Understanding


Motto: I use
Element: Earth
Sign: Cardinal (creativity, initiation, action)
Symbol: The Goat
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Colour: dark green, shades of brown
Gemstones: Garnet, Amethyst

You probably won’t find a Capricorn racing for the limelight at breakneck speed, but don’t let that confuse you about their aspirations and abilities. They thoroughly explore all possibilities before deciding on a safe alternative, but once they make a decision, they are more than capable of persisting for as long as it takes to accomplish a goal.

Capricorns are reliable, hardworking, and work tirelessly with quiet ambition and determination. They are well known for their great organisational skills and amazing patience. They are also the ones who finish projects started by the more pioneering signs of the zodiac. The standards they set for themselves and others are - high.

As an earth sign, Capricorn is primarily concerned with structure. As a cardinal sign, they will work at maintaining that structure. The symbol of the goat typifies the Capricornian approach to life in climbing the ladder (or hill) to success, through consistency and dedication. They have a rational and business like approach to life.

So how do you show a Capricorn how much you love them? Capricorns are status-conscious, and practical, so anything that is memorable or long lasting would be highly appealing to them. They also work hard to achieve the finer things in life, so quality gifts will appease to their sense of self worth.

Suggested Gifts:
Clocks, watches
Desk or electronic organiser
Expensive boxed goods (clothes, perfume)
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