Cancer - Love and Understanding


Motto: I feel
Element: Water (negative, feminine)
Sign: Cardinal (creativity, initiation, action)
Symbol: The Crab
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Colour: silvery blue, smoky grey
Gemstones: Ruby, Peridot

A Cancer values their home life more than anything. As natural nurturers, they are compassionate and caring, which endears them to their family and friends. They have a soft and sensitive core that makes them very special, and although they will retreat inside their hard shell if they feel threatened in any way, they are devoted and loyal souls.

Instinctive, intuitive and highly emotional, their moods and feelings can change in an instant. They have a very good memory, and can recall things in detail for years afterwards, especially pertaining to their family, childhood, and places they associate with safety and security. Maintaining connection with heritage is important to them.

As a water sign, Cancer is primarily concerned with feelings. As a cardinal sign, they will follow and trust their feelings. The symbol of the crab personifies the soft and sensitive inner core of the Cancerian, and the hard outer shell they will readily retreat into for emotional protection.

So how do you show a Cancerian how much you love them? Anything nurturing and caring for the home, or themselves personally, will be highly appreciated. They feel loved and appreciated with hand made gifts, and romantic activities such as, an impromptu picnic or weekend away being pampered, would also certainly appeal to them.

Suggested Gifts:
Cuddly toys and clothes
Bubble bath, massage
Candlelit dinners
Food hampers
Hand made gifts

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