Charms & Symbols


Most of us use charms without realising it. We touch ‘wood’ for good luck, hang a horseshoe with the points facing upward above our front doors, and even wear the colour of our favourite sport’s team. All of these actions originated from a time when everyone believed that the energy of the universe could be channelled into objects and symbols.

Charms today are still effective when used with awareness and clear intent. Charms in the home give protection to your family, possessions and create a calm environment. Charm bracelets, rings and other jewellery are a popular way of carrying these with you all through the day. Gifts to others are often knowingly or unknowingly, a charm offering.

Listed below are some of the common charms you may already be familiar with:

  • A silver cup for a baby at a christening is a symbol of health and happiness
  • A horseshoe charm at a wedding increases the fertility of the union
  • The key that adorns 18th and 21st birthday cards unlocks the secrets of adult life
  • The Christmas feast affirms the prosperity of the year ahead
  • Religious images worn as jewellery carry protection from the source
  • A cross of elder twigs placed on the front door deters unwelcome guests
  • Foreign coins are used as personal good luck charms by travellers
  • Finding a penny and cherishing it attracts wealth
  • Carrying or wearing crystals allows connection with energies of nature
  • A dream catcher hung above the bed protects sleepers from nightmares
You may use these charms due to tradition, or just because it makes you feel good. Whatever the reason, the fact remains – we have been using charms for a very long time.

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