Unicorn Myths and Legends


The purest, noblest and one of the most beautiful mythological creatures, the Unicorn has been sought after, hunted and worshipped by humankind since the beginning of time. Unicorns are mystical beings whose natural purity has been known to have spiritual, magical and healing, abilities.

These distant relatives of horses are described as having a single, usually spiral horn growing out of their foreheads, but they can also been depicted with goat beards, lion tails and cloven hooves. Some have even been known to have wings.

A Unicorn’s horn is thought to be a prize trophy as its properties are capable of neutralizing all poisons. They are mysterious and elusive creatures, and their selfless yet solitary existence makes them impossible to find by ordinary means.

The Legend of the Lion and the Unicorn

According to myths form ancient civilizations, the Lion and the Unicorn have been destined to fight and chase each other across the heavens since the dawn of time.

In 3500 BC, the Babylonians believed the battle between the two creatures resulted from a clash of seasons, with the Unicorn representing spring, and the Lion representing summer. In the folklore, the two creatures fight for supremacy, but each year the Lion eventually wins. Summer will always follow, spring.

In this legend, both the Lion and the Unicorn are hailed as lords of all creatures, but their styles of sovereignty differ. Symbolically the Lion represents the urge to impose one’s will of order upon the world, while the Unicorn exemplifies the drive to bring harmony through insight and understanding.

Are Unicorns only a myth?

Unicorns have been discovered in ancient cave paintings, and are mentioned frequently in literature, including the Bible. Eyewitness accounts have been recorded by Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan. It has also been documented that partial skeletal remains of a Unicorn were discovered in Germany in 1663.

There are several sources from which the Unicorn myth could be derived, including narwhal tusks and the first sighting of the rhinoceros. Many people believe that Unicorns did exist in the past, while others believe they still exist in undiscovered places of the world.

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