The Nothing Box - Drives Women Crazy


There is no disputing that men and women are different. Even though you may be in a happy relationship built on friendship and respect, or experiencing the exhilaration of a passionate relationship that has you convinced you were destined to be together, you will eventually become aware (if you haven’t already), that men and women ‘think’ differently. 

According to Mark Gungor (national marriage expert), men and women act differently, they communicate differently and most importantly they ‘think’ differently. He calls the difference, 'The Laws of Related Physics', specifically, how men and women are wired differently. This probably comes as no surprise to most of us, and although a somewhat humourous approach to the subject, Mark Gungor’s explanation in the You Tube video below, is really very insightful.

It is taken from Marks weekend seminar, ‘Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage’. The key point in this video is about a secret place that men love to go to, called, ‘The Nothing Box’. Mark believes that of the many struggles couples face in marriage it is the result of a ‘head’ problem and not a ‘heart’ problem.

Take the time to watch this video. You may find it interesting. You may find it informative. But, you will definitely find it entertaining.

Men's and Women's Brains (The Nothing Box)
- Mark Gungor

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