The Diary Of Your Life


Have you ever kept a diary? I'm not referring to a daily planner that has your appointment schedule or your family's weekly activities for the remainder of the year. I mean the type of diary that you pour your heart and soul into every night, before you go to sleep; the type of diary that became your trusted friend and confidante who you could tell everything to, without holding anything back.

It may contain some wonderful memories; your first kiss, your first boyfriend, your first sporting victory, your first fight, your first betrayal, your first breakup. If you were to look back and read that diary, you would probably remember at least some of those events, quite vividly. Whether happy or sad, it would surely have revealed, what you were thinking and how you felt.

As well as being a story about the events in you life, it would also probably remind you of what you aspired to, your dreams, your goals, the visions you held of your future. I wonder if you looked back on this diary many years later if you saw some of these come true, or if because of an event, or series of events, you gave up on them because you felt they were no longer achievable.

What we think and feel have a huge impact on how our life unfolds. You may have heard a variety of teachings regarding the Law of Attraction, where this concept originates from, including the famous quote - 'Man alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man alone, can dream and make his dreams come true', by Napoleon Hill.

Even though we may grasp the concept that we are ultimately responsible for our current situation because of how we thought and felt in the past, and choose to alter the patterns of thought that are not proactive to achieving a happy, healthy and wealthy life, sometimes that diary keeps finding it's way back on the bookshelf of our life as a never ending reminder, seemingly set in stone.

Isn't it about time that you tear out the pages of that diary that make you feel sad, and highlight the ones that bring you happiness? Or even start a new diary; one that focuses on your aspirations, dreams and goals, but with the fresh approach of describing in detail how you will feel, when you achieve what you desire. After all - 'It’s never too late to become the type of person you might have been.' George Elliott.

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