Yellow Crystals - Energy


Yellow is the colour of the Sun. It is a cheerful, uplifting colour and is believed to impart energy and courage to its wearer. It is also often linked with enlightenment, which is why Buddhists and Hindus wear yellow robes.

The amber crystal is a natural resin from an extinct form of pine that was submerged under the sea in the Neolithic Age. Some of the beliefs regarding how amber was formed include that it was fossilised tears of Indian birds, and congealed rays of the setting Sun, found on the seashore. In China, amber was known as the 'Soul of the Tiger', and in Rome amber was given to gladiators for courage.

As yellow crystals share their colour with the Sun, they are used in crystal healing for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Yellow jasper is a crystal that is particularly good for warding off depression.

Yellow Crystal Charms
  • Calcite: For self-confidence and developing clear communication ability
  • Heliodor: Assists mental clarity, focused will, and physical well-being
  • Citrine: To motivate into taking action, and encourage optimism
  • Yellow Amber: Promotes courage and is thought to assist asthma sufferers
  • Yellow JasperAids as a charm for protection on literal and spiritual journeys
  • Yellow Topaz: Assists in the search for a spiritual or mental awakening
The Citrine is also the modern birthstone for the month of November with the meaning of fidelity.

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