White Crystals - Perfection


The colour white symbolically means purity. White crystals are associated with the fifth element of spirit, which is the divine essence of life, and is considered to be the colour of perfection.

When a light is shone through a prism, it diffuses into the whole spectrum of the rainbow as it contains all the colours within. Therefore, white is also the colour of completion.

White crystals are known for their calming, healing and protective powers. They are linked to healing connected with the bones and teeth due to their colour, and are used for their cooling effect, both of the body and the emotions.

White Crystal Charms
  • DolomiteAn aid in dealing with sorrow and for times of high stress 
  • Howlite: Promotes calm and assists in problems with teeth and bones
  • Moonstone: A powerful tool for developing psychic powers 
  • Pearl: Helpful for boosting self esteem and confidence
  • Quartz: Often used as a healing stone when placed in water
  • Zircon: Effective in the treatment of depression and insomnia
The Pearl and Moonstone are also the modern birthstone for the month of June, with the meaning of health and longevity.
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