Purple Crystals - Spiritual


Purple is the colour of spiritual development and love, and purple shades connect to the traits of truth and compassion. The Amethyst crystal is also used to represent sincerity in crystal therapy.

The colour purple inherits spiritual, psychic and emotional properties from it's governing planets, the Moon and Uranus, which personify heaven in mythology. These crystals are therefore excellent for developing your intuitive and psychic abilities.

In ancient mythology purple is also associated with authority and royalty. It has been used to represent high rank and noble blood dating back to the Roman emperors and the Roman Catholic Church.

Purple Crystal Charms
  • Almandine Garnet: To unblock Chakras and encourage determination to succeed
  • Almandine Spinel: For protection, banishing fear, and energising
  • Amethyst: Aids in spiritual growth and protection, and migraine headaches
  • Purple Fluorite: A meditation tool which opens psychic channels while grounding
  • Purple Jade: Assists in promoting balanced growth and spleen problems
  • Sugilite: For unconditional love and connecting to the environment
The Amethyst is also the modern birthstone for the month of February, with the meaning of sincerity.

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