Pink Crystals - Love


Governed by Venus, the planet of love, pink is the colour of love and femininity. Pink is a very gentle, subtle colour and over time has come to represent the qualities of fidelity, friendship, unconditional love and romance. Pink crystals assist in relaxation, heightening powers of concentration and promoting positive feelings.

Primarily pink crystals are important in crystal healing because they bring balance to the Heart Chakra, which in turn is the centre of balance. The Heart Chakra also responds to green crystals, which represent love in the way of jealousy, so pink crystals are used to dispel jealous (green) feelings.

Carrying a pink crystal such as a rose quartz or rhodocrosite can assist in dealing with the trauma of a relationship breakup. They will also assist the heart to heal by attracting the energies of beauty and serenity into your life. Pink crystals can also assist in staying focused and keeping auric energies balanced.

Pink Crystal Charms
  • MorganiteFor opening yourself up to love, or attracting love into your life
  • Pink Tourmaline: Promotes love, spirituality, joy and peace
  • Pink Moonstone: Aids intuition, discrimination and clarity of thought
  • Rhodocrosite: Assists in strengthening and repairing your aura after traumas
  • Rose Quartz: Promotes greater love and beauty and enhances calm and peace
  • Rubellite: Dispels the negativity which causes nightmares


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