Green Crystals - Life


Green is the colour of nature, and of the pigment chlorophyll which is used to promote photosynthesis. The colour green therefore has special associations with life and growth.

The ancient Egyptians associated green crystals with fertility. In South Africa the Bantu believe that aventurine forms where lightening strikes, and the Aztecs believed the same regarding jade.

As the very centre of the visible light spectrum, and as the predominant colour of plants, it is always around us when we are at one with nature. Green crystals are soothing and healing.

Green Crystal Charms
  • Aventurine: Assists in bringing good luck and protecting from misfortune
  • Emerald: Soothes over-strained eyes and assists when viewing small objects
  • Jade: To protect dreams, business ventures, and eases kidney problems
  • PeridotAids as a protective charm from nightmares and burglery
  • JasperWorn by healers in ancient Eqypt, Rome and Elizabethan England
  • SerpentineA charm carried for protection when travelling in medieval times
The Emerald is also the modern birthstone for the month of May, with the meaning of love and success, and the Peridot is also the modern birthstone for the month of August, with the meaning of happiness in marriage.

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