Do You Know Gunna Too?


Gunna was an interesting fellow
he always had a story to tell;

When others were at a loss for words
Gunna's words kept you under a spell;

He had the most grandiose dreams
to obtain wealth and fame;

Others may have tried and failed
but he would succeed all the same;

He would be thinking and planning
from day break to sun set;

And then he would elaborately explain
how it was all a sure bet;

His ideas were flawless
and his enthusiasm sound;

But with all the best at heart
here is what I found;

Gunna spent so much time
talking about what he was going to do,

That he forgot something important
in making his dreams come true;

He had his thoughts in alignment
he had his words intact;

But to actually achieve success
- he needed to act.

© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.