Crystal Magic - The Fifth Element


One of the many wonders of nature is embodied in the beauty and magic of crystals. Almost every culture and religion throughout history has used crystals decoratively, symbolically or practically. They are commonly used in jewellery and placed around the home for protection, luck and healing.

In their creation, crystals rely upon the right ingredients and conditions such as; heat generated by fire such as volcanoes or deep thermal currents; pressure from the earth; chemical reactions used to absorb hydrogen and oxygen from the air and water. The effects of the four elements of air, earth, water and earth can be seen in all the formation processes of crystals and the life force that energises all living things and bonds the other four elements together.

The effect of ether is in the growth and development of all living things. This is clearly visible in trees and animals, but not so immediately apparent in crystals. Crystals do grow with time however, and have energy fields (auras) like animals and plants. The essence of ether is believed to produce an innate sense of time which could be why certain crystals such as diamonds are used in watches, and quartz crystals to modulate radio signals. 

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