Black Crystals - Protection


Black is associated with both the elements of spirit and the earth, and is connected to Saturn. As all colours absorbed turn into black, it is an ideal colour for soaking up negativity, with protective properties.

In the West, black is a funeral colour and associated with grief and endings. It is the colour of the planet Saturn which is a planet of endings, and this link has been evidenced from early South American cultures through to modern times. Saturn also governs discipline, order and structure which lends these qualities to the crystal, onyx, and it's 'grounding' properties.

In crystal healing, black is used for divination and to treat depression. It is also used for binding in spells and rituals and it has been said that black crystals can trap spirits within them. This further accentuates the protective properties of the colour black.

Black Crystal Charms
  • Black OnyxAids in realising goals, and bringing form to thought 
  • Black Star Diopside: Assists in developing will-power and overcoming addictions
  • Black Tourmaline: Helpful in directing mental energies and aiding in lucid dreaming
  • Jet: Traditionally used as a funeral stone to overcome grief
  • Smoky QuartzFor the treatment of depression and to release blocked energies
  • Obsidian: Assists with courage and determination, and suitable for scrying
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