Feng Shui Part Two - Arranging Furniture


Once you've decluttered and cleaned your home or office (Feng Shui Part One - Remove The Clutter and Clean), it's time to remove the pools of dead Chi energy and arrange your furniture to ensure good Chi energy flow.

The desire for security dates back to when we were cave dwellers, and the Feng Shui implementation of furniture arrangement promotes this to make you feel at ease.

To allow Chi energy to travel unhindered,, the path leading to your front door should be kept clean and clutter free. Adding attractive plants, lights and garden features will uplift and enhance Chi energy as it approaches the front door.

Inside your home or office avoid placing your desk so that the back is to the door - you need to see 'ahead' in life and you need to know what is going on behind you. From your favourite chair, in any room, make sure you can see the door comfortably from where you sit.

In active spaces such as the hallway, dining room, lounge or kitchen, the door needs to open into the space. In other words, when you open the door, you need to have a full view of what is ahead of you. However, bedroom and bathroom doors should not open fully as Chi energy needs to enter slowly and quietly here.

Position your bed so that you have a good view of the door from where you sleep, but make sure the foot of your bed is not pointing towards the door as this will drain your energy. This is also known as the 'coffin' position and does not promote good Chi energy.

These examples make good sense on a practical level as the home and office should be a place of relaxation or concentration, and by arranging furniture to eliminate surprises allows a peaceful energy to flow.

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