Feng Shui Part Three - Utilizing The Bagua


The Bagua is the most valuable tool of Feng Shui. It is a grid that is used to determine the nine sectors, made up of eight directions plus the central sector, to show the flow of Chi within a space.

Once you have determined where these sectors exist in your space, you can determine if the decor, furnishings or any other elements within that sector are beneficial or not according to the Bagua.

You may already be aware of an area in your life that you feel needs attention and the suggestions from the Bagua can assist you to make the necessary changes for improvement.

The nine sectors, correlating elements, colours and suggestions for these areas are :-

South: recognition, fame
Element: fire
Colour: red, purple, sky blue
Suggestions: trophies, awards, certificates - keep well lit

South - West: marriage, relationships
Element: earth
Colour: yellow, cream, beige brown, natural wood
Suggestions: gifts or mementos from loved ones, images representing relationships

West: children, projects
Element: metal
Colour: white, silver, gray
Suggestions: dining room, stereo (music), electronic gadgets, computer

North - West: networking, communication
Element: metal
Colour: white, grey, silver, steel, gold
Suggestions: telephone, fax machine, electronic gadgets, computer

North: career, journey
Element: water
Colour: dark blue, black
Suggestions: fish tank, water feature, water images or paintings of river, lakes, oceans

North - East: knowledge, contemplation
Element: earth
Colour: cream, yellow, wood, brown
Suggestions: storage, library, desk, meditation area

East: family, elders
Element: wood
Colour: dark green
Suggestions: kitchen, plants, photographs of family / work / sport

South - East: prosperity, luck
Element: wood
Colour: light green
Suggestions: fresh (alive) flowers, plants, water, birds - keep well ventilated and lit

Centre: health
Element: earth
Colour: cream, yellow, beige, brown, wood
Suggestions: As the centre (Tái Chi) allows the other eight sectors to communicate, it should be a free, uncluttered area.

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