Feng Shui Part One - Removing The Clutter and Cleaning


Is your home or office clutter free? Chances are you are probably one of many people that have at least a small pile of clutter that you have been meaning to organise at some point. In other cases you may feel that your home or office needs a major overhaul.

Do you know that by removing the clutter and cleaning, you are not only making your life home or office more organised and look more presentable - you are actually implementing the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui (Feng - wind; Shui - water).

Feng Shui evolved more than 2,500 years ago in China and was mainly used for the design of palaces and dwellings of the wealthy merchant classes. Today it is used by everyone to bring positive energy, good health and prosperity into their lives.

The basic principles of Feng Shui works on maintaining a balance between two fundamental states - Yin (night) and Yang (day)- and the five essential elements - fire, earth, metal, wood and water. The aim and essence of Feng Shui is to harness good Chi (earth energy) and to deflect away any negative energies.

Many people obtain the services of qualified Feng Shui professionals to maximise the benefits of Feng Shui , but a few simple changes around your home or office can make a real difference to the flow of energy within it.

The first step is to clear away useless clutter. By doing so you are getting rid of dead Chi which pools around possessions that are broken, useless or no longer used. Precious keepsakes of course are not considered useless, if they make you feel good.

The second step is to clean away all the dust and cobwebs. Like water Chi energy has a tendency to stagnate in corners, and as it emanates from the Sun, make sure your windows are clean and bright to allow sparkling new Chi energy in.

Every now and then, and usually when my energy level starts to drain, I take a good look around my home and office. I find that by taking the time to get rid of unnecessary items, including paperwork that has been accumulating and by cleaning, I feel more relaxed and energised again.

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