Feng Shui Part Four - Fixing Problem Areas


Once you have utilized the Feng Shui Bagua as described in: Feng Shui Part Three - Utilizing The Bagua, you may discover there are spaces in your home or office that you would like to improve to create better Chi energy flow.

Most problem spaces can be rectified quickly and inexpensively by applying Feng Shui remedies and are usually the only solution that can be used for rented or existing buildings.

These remedies are usually everyday objects such as artwork, mirrors, plants, water features, round fish tanks, wind chimes, flutes, crystals, candles, flowers (real or artificial) and small furnishings that are placed according to the areas of the Bagua.

Do your front and back doors run in a direct line? This may cause money to flow out of your home. Wind chimes slow down the energy flow but a pair of flutes hung above your inside and back door blocks the money leak the best.

Flutes of any kind, also offer protection from burglary and hung above the cash register in business protect profits. Flutes also evoke a magical aura in your home or bedroom to encourage romance.

Any type of fan, including electric and paper fans of all sizes, also create a delicate romantic atmosphere. Side wall-lights placed behind large fans add a welcome glow to a room. This brings double good Feng Shui as it combines two Feng Shui remedies in the one area.

Plants with rounded leaves are the main requirement to use as a prosperity plant. The Maranta or Red-Veined Prayer Plant is an excellent choice as it also enjoys the filtered light often found indoors.

As well as these Feng Shui remedies it is also a case that any item that 'feels' right and placed in the area according to the Bagua that will derive the most benefit from it, will also further improve the flow of Chi energy and good fortune into your home or office.

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