A Global History Of Natural Healing


Around the world natural healing practices evolved to maintain and promote good health, physically, mentally and spiritually, long before medicine became a science.

Ayurveda is a natural healing method that is based on altering the diet to achieve balance in the body.  It is considered to be the root of all healing traditions, dating back to at least 3,500 years ago.

Although many of the healing practices listed below are somewhat diverse, they still share the belief in the healing powers of nature, higher beings and our own abilities.


Dogon Blood Letting - medicine men from the West African Dogon tribe suck the blood from patients to rid them of the evil spirits they believe are causing illness

The Americas

Crystal Healing - certain gemstones are considered to be psychic batteries which store and emit healing energies to patients.

Hallucinogens - the Indians of the Amazon use hallucinogens contained in plants to seek guidance for cures from the spirit world.

Navajo Medicine - the Native American Navajo people use herbal remedies, music and dance in healing rites.

Psychic Surgery - working in a trance the psychic surgeons of South America use a knife to cut out diseased tissue from the body.

Voodoo - in Haiti spiritualism and herbalism are combined and used in natural healing ceremonies.


Ayurveda - Ancient Indian Vedic texts teach the importance of keeping the mind, body and spirit in perfect balance.

Macrobiotics - the Japanese balance the correct types of food for long life.

Shamanic Dances - Tibetan and Nepalese shamans dance themselves into a trance to make contact with healing spirits.

Shiatsu - a Japanese form of therapeutic massage which manipulates the flow of energy through the body's energy points.

Yoga - in India a gentle form of Hindu yoga is used to assist in health and well-being.


Aboriginal Medicine - Native Australians understand the therapeutic properties of plants, minerals and a spiritual relationship with the natural world.


Aromatherapy - in France aromatic oils distilled from herbs are used for their therapeutic properties.

Flower Remedies - in the UK plant and flower extracts are immersed in alcohol to form the basis of flower remedies.

Faith Healing - in the UK mediums channel spirit guides and perform faith healings.

Homeopathy - a 200 year old German therapy based on the principle that the same substance that causes disease in a healthy person can help to sure the symptoms in a sick person.


Astral Travel - the shamans of northern Russia use music, dance, drugs and meditation to enter the astral plane and commune with healing spirits.

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