Tips for Home Office Feng Shui


Many people spend at least 7 hours every day working at a desk, and due to home computers, laptops and the internet, home offices are constantly growing in number. However, you can use Feng Shui principles to create a calm and stress free working environment, and improve creativity and work performance, anywhere.

If you choose to work at home, the best area for a home office is near the front door. This is where the active Yang element is most predominant in any home, and keeps work as far away as possible from the quiet Yin elements of the home. If your work involves clients visiting, this is also a particularly ideal location.

A dedicated separate room is ideal so that the door can be closed. If a room close to the front of the home is unavailable, avoid areas near the toilet or in your bedroom. In Feng Shui, being close to a toilet can draw Chi energy away from you, and the bedroom should always remain a restful Yin area of your home.

You may find the article, How to Balance Your Environment Using the 9 Sectors of the Bagua helpful in applying the following tips:-

Desktop or Laptop

  • The desk itself should ideally be placed in the career (north) sector.
  • Place your computer or laptop in the relationship (south-west) sector.
  • A telephone is best placed in the communication (north-west) sector.
  • For recognition, place a lamp or flowers in the fame (south) sector.
  • Any reference material should be placed in the knowledge (north-east) sector.
  • A money plant or a water feature help to boost profits and sales when placed in the prosperity (south-east) sector.

Desk and Chair

  • Choose a chair with a back that is both solid and high, to support you properly.
  • Position your desk and chair with a clear view of the door; an excellent place is in the prosperity (south-east) sector.
  • Although it is good Feng Shui to be able to see the door to your office from where you sit, avoid sitting directly facing it as visitors will consider it confrontational.
  • Avoid positioning your desk in front of a window, or in a corner, as this suggest a lack of support.
  • Avoid positioning your desk with your back to a door, as this leaves you vulnerable to ‘back-stabbing’.
  • Sitting under a beam or heavy shelving will make you feel oppressed; as if everything is ‘on top of you’, and you are ‘under pressure’.

Feng Shui Tips

Sometimes you may not have a choice as to where your desk is located, therefore, to ensure good Chi energy flow, follow these guidelines:-

  • Keep your desk clean and tidy at all times to allow you to think clearly.
  • Keep your office clutter-free. Set up a good filing system and regularly file documents once you have finished with them.
  • Clear out old files, both hard copies and from your computer. This encourages new business and sales.
  • Empty all your waste paper bins daily, including your computer recycle bin.
  • If your desk is in a bad position, such as facing a wall or boxed in a corner, place a reflective desk lamp or mirror so you can see the area behind you.
  • If you have a negative view from your desk, put up images such as a world map, beautiful landscapes or anything that gives you a positive feeling.
  • Be aware of symbolism; hang images of prosperity to boost earnings and progress and enhance sales. Good areas for these are located in your prosperity (south-east) and career (north) sectors.
  • Activate recognition by displaying certificates and achievements in the fame (south) sector.

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